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String together Tian Gao pace: Make the actual strength group of beverage market

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Shen Chang of special interview big grave (Guangdong) general manager of beverage limited company strings together Tian Gao pace
In the beverage market with intense competition, enter the functional sex drink that Guangdong area has a year of time only, how is ability occupational the market?

String together gentleman of Tian Gao pace, young, lofty, hale, highlight sunshine temperament, with force of “ treasure mine product of water spy ” is same, contain youthful enthusiasm.

New Year just passed, the reporter contacts company of big grave Shen Chang, the development that is about to be in China with respect to foreign company makes a report. After interviewing outline to fax the past one day, the chief of public relations branch of the other side makes a telephone call, the general manager that says a company strings together gentleman of Tian Gao pace to know to take seriously very much after this matter, the plan comes from Japan on a special trip, accept our special report. The last day Feburary, we come to company of big grave Shen Chang as agreed upon. Afternoon 4 o'clock sharp, the Gao Buxian that string together cropland is unripe punctual appear, precise manner reflects some of Japanese be used to again without involuntary discharge of urine.

String together Tian Gao pace to introduce: There also is the red-letter day of New Year of similar China the traditional Chinese calendar in Japan actually, the atmosphere that his individual thinks New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar wants to compare Japan is enthusiastic, because here has the firework cracker of Chinese tradition, your festival atmosphere appears more full-bodied. He also has experienced traditional New Year in China, the firework joint performance of Victoria harbor watchs in Hong Kong, feeling very shake and wonderful. The Spring Festival makes him impressive this year besides firework, be travel to Chinese Xi'an together with the client, experience Xi'an the glamour of this culture ancient capital, wonderful.

Sale: Water of force of “ treasure mine is special ” should make actual strength group

The sale that the topic turns very quickly to water of treasure mine force to be in China especially comes up. Water of treasure mine force sells well in the world especially tens of year, be in China, be in southern region especially, it is however genuine new army. As market of China of big grave enterprise get army string together gentleman of Tian Gao pace, talking about water of treasure mine force to be this year especially when the expression of the market, mood is low-key, the manner is objective, think the product is occupational the market, important is to let consumer understanding, cognitive product, is not to undertake advertisement bomb blindly, only such, the consumption that just can build stability group. He hopes water of treasure mine force wants to make actual strength group in China especially, do not do God to send.

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