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Pan Gang: Yi Li and Olympic Games travel together

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Reporter: In Russia “ China year you obtained “ E Zhongyou to provide ” of award of leader of elegant demeanour industry most very much in ” , can you talk about you to be opposite this one award view?

Pan Gang: No matter win what kind of award with affirmation, I am industry of delegate China milk, represent Chinese entrepreneur. Yi Li is Olympic Games brand, my responsibility publicizes Olympic Games spirit namely, publicize Olympic Games standard, conduct propaganda is in everyday great motherland of progress. In overseas Chinese of complete Russia Chinese combination always is met and hurried of Muscovite China trade can be aimed at all entrepreneur that visit Russia in choosing, although I obtained exclusive “ E Zhongyou to provide ” of award of leader of elegant demeanour industry most very much. But, I am China merely one of numerous and preeminent company.

Large quantities of top class entrepreneur expression that are in this our country in the activity are first-rate, the home products in because a variety of reasons are in heart of a few Russians,was being formed before is qualitative the undesirable understanding with second low price, after be exhibited through this country, they had very big change, the Chinese product that they see, it is the top class product that Lian Pujing's president takes seriously very much, going up somehow the great success that representing Chinese reforming and opening. Yi interest group is 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing appoint dairy produce sponsor exclusively, we are willing to be promoted with what personage of Russia all circles explores Olympic Games spirit, the road of communication collaboration win-win. On November 16, 2005, this day, pan Gang of 35 years old represents Yiliji formal autograph makes an appointment with group and BOCOG, northerly Beijing Olympic Games supplies dairy produce solely, this day, it is Yi Li's pride, it is the pride of Inner Mongolia more. On March 27, 2007, be Beijing Olympic Games times 500 days. This day, general Beijing president is in charge of because of gold organic suckle and the smile stops to exhibit a stage in Yi Li. The major move of every time, contact Yili and Olympic Games closely together, in Pan Gang's heart, the road of responsibility, have starting point only, without terminus, and the process that assumes responsibility, realize the process of value just about.

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