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Pan Gang: Yi Li and Olympic Games travel together

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“ grabs ” to be in charge of to gold the people of organic grandma is packed to vogue, elegant product praise unceasingly, many Russia peoples are enquiring when Yi Li enters Russia market. In the meantime, a lot of news media of Russia are right also product recognition of Yi Li has add. Russia international article passes telecommunications company report to say “ recommends meeting site, yi interest group revealed newest Yilijin to be in charge of the high quality milk such as organic grandma. This product breed aquatics to milk cow craft of environment, treatment is having very firm demand, the milkings company that at present China has catenary of perfect and organic industry has Yi Li only. The Yi Li group that the hope regards China as lacteal industry bibcock can be Russia market to bring more more new blood, healthy food. ”

Reporter: The research and development that the manpower that some people think Yi interest expenses is many and material resources make organic grandma and nutrient Shu Hua suckle is undeserved. My inquisitive is, does Yi Li do true be worthing so?

Pan Gang: Jin Dian of organic grandma come out, all previous classics 3 years prepare, fill the technology of domestic milkings industry is blank. Such strength, follow Euramerican and same ‘ to let a Chinese be drunk namely pure natural, the organic product of ’ of free from contamination. The Yi Li as Olympic Games sponsor must also must assume such mission, this also is a preeminent company cannot the responsibility of shirk. In Euramerican developed country, organic product resembles that bright phearl on imperial crown, organic milk is called “ milk comes honour ” , its overbalance is common the product is multiple. Team of research and development invested the capital of time of 3 years and a huge sum, finished the task ” that this “ finishs impossibly eventually.

In the most difficult hour in process of research and development, I encourage to my group say: “ once someone says the Chinese drinks milk every day without the opportunity, we were accomplished; Once the milk that someone says to the person cannot produce China to accord with Olympic Games standard, we also were accomplished! So the foreigner can produce organic milk, is our Chinese done really? ” has a lot of people to drink milk uncomfortable, the reason is lactose is not able to bear or endure disease is in do mischief, research shows the person of the yellow race of more than 85% does not have method because of this to enjoy dairy produce normally, this has become the global difficult problem that puzzles whole industry. Solve lactose to not be able to bear or endure disease is early the task of another big focal point that becomes center of Yi benefit research and development.

As home the first can solve drink effectively to suckle the lactose in the process to not be able to bear or endure the tall hydrolyze of disease problem leads low lactose milk, the asepsis after easy of Yi benefit nutrition changes a grandma to took the lead in using UHT adds craft and skill of ” of “ lactose hydrolyze, represented industry of current China dairy produce the top level that own technology innovates. Yi Lihua expended many manpower material resources to be used at gold of research and development to be in charge of Shu Hua suckles organic grandma and Yi benefit nutrition, I think this is Yi Li —— the bibcock enterprise of industry of milk of a China cannot the responsibility of shirk.
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