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Pan Gang: Yi Li and Olympic Games travel together

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In March 26—29 day, russia “ China year the country of China of ——“ of the play that weigh an axis of ” exhibits ” to be held ceremoniously in Moscow. Yi interest group regards China as the crackajack delegate of the enterprise, in exhibit during the meeting held an enterprise ceremoniously to recommend meeting. Pan Gang of president of Yi interest group is returned in this activity obtained by Quan Ehua combination of person overseas Chinese always is met and hurried of Muscovite China trade can judge the “ E Zhongyou that go out to provide ” of award of leader of elegant demeanour industry most very much jointly, pan Gang also is those who win this international large award is exclusive a Chinese entrepreneur. Recently, the global youth leader that the reporter travels together this with Beijing Olympic Games to Pan Gang had a special report.
Reporter: Have report Beijing of Russia president general is very interested in Yi Li's product, be?

Pan Gang: Yes. In 3 days of time that extend ” in country of Russia “ China, nearly 100 thousand Muscovite attended this one royal Russia China year activity. On March 27 midday, chairman Hu Jintao and general Beijing president are attending Russia China year after the opening ceremony, the Inner Mongolia that enters country of Russia “ China to exhibit ” jointly exhibits an area to look around inspect. Perhaps be the look that the mark of Beijing Olympic Games on Yi benefit product attracted general capital, this whole world that be called by people most organic to Yi Lijin allusion grandma produced the leader of cruel strong interest, took a milk and me to undertake communicating. Be in charge of to gold when understanding after the top class milk that organic grandma is China and even Asia, the facial rise of general Beijing president reveals god-given smile.

Attend Russia “ China at that time together year the what one says during a conversation that the Bao Xi of minister of our country Department of Commerce of ” will come to to say to me, let me feel very proud. Bao Xi comes the minister says to me: Your product is in “ home is best on international even, you should have introduced your product, let more people know the success that place of Chinese milkings company gains. ”

Reporter: Popular feeling of organic grandma development, organic grandma of Yi Li appears on Russia, what kind of reaction does Russia people have?

Pan Gang: Face in Pu Jingguang before today, namely Muscovite time on March 26, I still led a group to hold to be recommended particularly meeting, recommend what can cause Russia media to chase after hold in both hands, original check and ratify many 40 media, near 70 when attend a meeting actually, occasion is very hot. Be opposite subsequently in the open exhibition of Russia people, visiting Russia people surrounds Yi Li to exhibit a stage in succession, look ” up and down to wear with curious look “ Yi Li's item on display. After passing Introduction Yi Li staff member, they are informed this is China when best milk, perpendicular had thumb. Hundreds Jin Dian that exhibits a stage organic grandma is grabbed by one “ for an instant ” and smooth.
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