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Yuan benevolence country: Science makes a state wine brand

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Compere: Maotai of science and technology emphasizes its science content namely!

Yuan benevolence country: ” of Maotai of “ science and technology reflects advanced productivity, maotai belongs to traditional product, but Maotai group all through the ages values progress of science and technology. Already had hold water tens of year center of place of liquor scientific research, technology, and the scientific research team with Chinese liquor first-rate bound, it is certain to was had ability of innovation of science and technology. Prospective Maotai, the content of science and technology of craft wants to be increased further, the technology that tick off add should rise further. No matter be product itself, still package data, the material that prevent bogus, should use new material, new facility, new technology extensively, make no matter new product is immanent explicit make a window that condenses high-tech, the crystallization of a high-tech, those who accomplish art and technology is perfect and unified, let a person be taken, a dozen opening that come with respect to the glamour blow on the face that experiences high-tech, experience the beauty enjoy. Our Maotai still has this side a lot of routes should go.

Compere: What is the target that Maotai group develops next?

Yuan benevolence country: Will be the period that Maotai group develops greatly 5 years of future, we will increase reform and the strength that science and technology innovates further, strengthen the protection of intellectual property, produce brand advantage, take an active part in international home competition, those who be Chinese economy fly to contribute, contribute to China revives civilizedly, in future make Maotai construction inside 5 years the one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight companies that have own intellectual property and stronger market competition ability.

Compere: Yuan Zong, because time concerns, today's program was about to end, what do you say to audience friend of the whole nation even?

Yuan benevolence country: I thank the people of the whole country to be opposite again on behalf of worker of Maotai factory collectivity the support of the care of Maotai factory, your care is us the company is real not the motivation of exhaust, our scarcely disappoint your expectation, believe please, maotai is the high quality life with your prospective brew good sweet alcohol certainly, let us be us the prosperity of great motherland is prosperous and strong, revive civilizedly for China prosperous, raise Maotai, cheer!

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