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Yuan benevolence country: Science makes a state wine brand

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Compere: The environment that hears Maotai is produced is very distinctive, what ” of Maotai of which “ green points to is its peculiar production environment?

Yuan benevolence country: Zoology environment of green assured the green character of Maotai. The water that makes up Maotai is taken from bare water river, it sends source Yu Yunna, winding more than 500 kilometers, shedding classics point is the remote mountains that rare person goes to. Zhou En comes when the premier is alive, ever indicated Maotai factory advanced position the chemical plant that 100 kilometers less than must not build influence water quality absolutely, this directive gets be carryinged out very well executive all the time, ensured one running water is qualitative. The climate winter warm summer that Maotai presses down is hot, annual rainfall is in 800 to 1200 millimeter, this kind of temperature and humidity suit the growth with microbial brew very much. Place the because of laterite soil Gong Gu that be called, this is peerless on alive bound. Ground of the deep feeling after home of a famous medicine is inspecting Maotai plant says: There are two grains on “ world, one is American Silicon Valley, produced the world's most most advanced high-tech; The 2 Maotai red cereal that are Chinese Guizhou, produced Maotai of the world's best beautiful wine —— . ” currently holds the post ofdiplomatic prexy Mr Wu Jianmin to say tastily: “ produces Maotai to return difficulty than producing atom bomb, a lot of places of atom bomb world can be produced, and Maotai can here. ” one of core competition ability that this also is Maotai. The craft of Maotai is called natural, scientific biology project. One year one produces cycle, cast twice makings, leave factory to finished product into the factory from raw material, need lustrum at least. The process that make wine needs 7 times to take wine, ferment 8 times, 9 distill, it is a very perfect flow. Its special place depends on cycle of a production one year, and the manufacturing cycle of some wine is less than half an year, the production of Maotai is periodic only then at annual heavy this world, stop to weigh this world at the 2nd year, experienced the four seasons of Chun Xiaqiu winter, rich gathers the clever gas of heaven and earth. Besides Maotai other wine it is ferment, maotai is two ferment, besides enclosed ferment, much one kind opens wide type to ferment. In opening type to ferment, in absorbing air beneficial to human body microbial, shirt-sleeve sublimate, sending out in whole process natural fragrance.

Compere: How to understand the concept of humanitarian Maotai?

Yuan benevolence country: Maotai area has 2000 old brew histories, be in early minister change " history write down " in have account, bright Qing Dynasty during, as important commercial and transportation center, present a “ Qin Shang to get together again Maotai, sichuan salt takes the grand occasion of Guizhou ” . 1915, gold prize of exposition of capturing Panama of Maotai with one action, leave anger of a paragraph of “ to cast bottle shake country power the romance a much-told tale of ” , make world name wine from now on. After new China holds water, it produced special and main effect in life of our country politics, diplomacy, left too much old practice, it by the Chinese praise be ” of “ country wine is be worthy of. Can say, maotai is the crackajack delegate of ” of wine of China “ culture, each petty “ flank ” is having beautiful historical story, having solid culture inside information, culture is accumulated with humanitarian value. The more of the nation the more of the world, it is a typical Chinese food that owns independent intellectual property, it is the Chinese's civilized to the world another large contribution, the humanitarian concept of Maotai still has a lot of things that are worth mining!
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