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Yuan benevolence country: Science makes a state wine brand

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2, come 5 years Maotai group year sales revenue is broken through 5 billion close greatly, maotai is bigger and bigger to social contribution.

3, come 5 years Maotai stock appears on the market successfully, more and more investor got rich and generous get one's own back from inside the ” of “ Maotai tornado of the stock market

4, the actual strength that comes to Maotai group company 5 years expands stage by stage, the capability that participates in market competition is stronger and stronger.

Compere: You are one of main leader of Maotai group, it is a public character, your thought and opinion often the focus that people pays close attention to, we notice to a few such ideas often mention when you are analysing competition ability of Maotai culture connotation and company core: ” of “ health, green, humanitarian, science and technology, how to understand these concepts?

Yuan benevolence country: Of concept of ” of “ healthy Maotai putting forward is one sets out from objective fact, a scientific conclusion that reachs through scientific analysis and research, it is one of essential features of Maotai.

The division of past dynasties spirits of Maotai factory is much more macrobian, it is to be in 8, nonagenarian dies without known cause; Premier Zhou drank 30 old Maotai, 1971, he ever said to Nixon: “ is on long march road, maotai is regarded by us cure-all fine medicine! Demulcent, alexipharmic, treat cold ……” . 1972, he says to the tanaka horn flourish that call in again: “ Maotai is better than vodka drink! Guttural indolence, also not above, can eliminate exhaustion, stable mind. ”1993 year hospital of area of abide by justice is in Maotai factory about the expert special to the worker check-up, as a result discovery comes 34 years old 54 years old the person get check between, drink for a long time and liver does not have any pathological changes. These peculiar phenomena cause the height of domestic medicine bound to pay close attention to. After 1997, through old research, reached the scientific conclusion that drinks Maotai not to hurt liver. The expert's science considers to make clear, maotai can be revulsive the grow in quantity of the much albumen that belong to sulfur inside liver 22 times, restrain liver fiber to influence the generation of the hyperplasia of cell of liver star shape that produces pathology base and collagen albumen; At the same time Maotai contains a lot ofexceed oxide branch to change enzymatic it is beneficial to human body complement, the likelihood still belongs to sulfur albumen to be coordinated jointly with how enhance action, prevented what liver fiber changes to happen. Metallic sulfur albumen is deoxidize of the Qing Dynasty inside the human body that discovers at present the biology active material with freedom the strongest radical, fighting it is anile, important to fight the respect such as tumor to have action, prevented what liver fiber changes to happen. Maotai contains a lot ofall sorts of nutrition composition, the likelihood is his the main factor that albumen of sulfur of can revulsive metal produces.
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