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Meng Niu breeds Yang Wenjun of president of Inc. of course of study discusses me

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April 2007 20-22 day, forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle annual meeting was held in Hainan rich a huge legendary turtle 2007. 21 days afternoon, the successful ” forum of “ Asia viewpoint of value and Asian globalization enterprise is in center of conference of Bo Ao international to hold. Breed for Meng Niu president of Inc. of course of study Mr Yang Wenjun discusses memoir below.
Compere: Meng Niu breeds course of study hopes to win the ad time of Spring Festival evening party, I want to ask you to value conduct propaganda.

Yang Wenjun: A thing with our China very remarkable brand, what we sell is not a product, those who sell is a brand, those who sell is a concept, be able to bear or endure the gram is to sell sneaker not just, need settlement concern. I am to stand in Meng Niu's angle to talk, we locate is to sell dairy produce not only, what we sell truly is to create high grade product. We from if we are mere,decide to sell milk, then we sell everybody to know in China today, when if we arrive,Korea, Thailand sells, do not know to have Inner Mongolia grass. The tenet of our enterprise is to create high grade life, satisfy the consumer need in life respect. We are offerred when offerring a product contented all-around, when we are offerring sale activity, also can let consumer feel, this activity is the content that for him high grade life adds.

We now is NBA government partner, NBA also has a lot of connection, special milk that is a spacefarer with us, also be the person that super female voice is driven energetically, these purposes are with consumer the life has ” of connection “ super female voice is very simple thing, this thing make it later say, you answer Meng Niu how thing, can look for the main chance, I say this is not the opportunity that the United States seeks, meng Niu this year before the partner, also exist other. Hunan is defended inspect in beginning us 4 years national capital is in advocate a student to suckle, the strength that study grandma proposes is not great, hunan is defended inspect want how to can popularize this business, the student is suckled nothing more than schoolboy and schoolgirl, put the man student did a woman student aside, this schoolgirl does super even, ” of this “ super female voice came, this column and our acerbity acerbity breast and we have super female voice one gets numerous group jointly, we also can do others, but the tenet that we do an any businesses is around move make consumer happier, can satisfy the life of consumer more, calculate us to did not put contented consumer life on the mouth, we are to use the dot of the action to string together thread, let consumer feel he is enjoying Meng Niu to provide his high grade life. Thank.

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