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Yang Wenjun: If can solve drink to suckle a problem to be able to develop abilit

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Forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle 2007 annual meeting general in April 20-22 day is held in Hainan, theme of current annual meeting: Economy of whole world of Asian get the upper hand of - innovate and can develop continuously. Attend the honored guest of China and foreign countries that attends annual meeting of forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle to amount to 1300 people this year. It is interview of honored guest Yang Wenjun below:
Yang Wenjun: A moment ago I also heard the point of view of each honored guest, I acquired a lot of things. Can last what we discuss today is an Asia development, and China is Shikoku inside a very important piece, if China develops good word, to China, and even economic growth of the Asia goes to very main effect since the meeting. China can can last very well development, agricultural issue of China is the most important, solved what agricultural issue of China also solved China to be able to develop continuously. And in the world experience makes clear, any country, if his dairy farming can have certain proportion in its agriculture, so the agricultural modernization of this country can compare quick implementation. Be in for instance Holand, its dairy farming is as high as 35% in agricultural scale; Denmark and Sweden are occupied respectively 28% ; And our China was occupied merely 2% . Present drinkable milk makes the same score China special low. How to solve the problem that drink of Chinese average per capita suckles, agricultural modernization of China can come true very well, can develop continuously with respect to what can drive an Asia then.

I provide a few data to everybody, because I do milk, I think Tan Niu is suckled, other respect also talks not to come out. Grandma of drink of average per capita measures China to have 21.7 kilograms only now, relative to the average drink at the world the grandma measures 106 kilograms too little. If the Chinese that be present can accomplish morning and evening can drinkable of two cups of grandmas also not be very much. So I stand in Meng Niu's angle, we need to do a few how to enlarge drink to suckle crowd body, if want to achieve what a moment ago suddenly gentleman says in that way, chinese sports can enter before a few on the world, milk has very main effect to able-bodied constitution. Everybody can be recollected, during the world cup, enter a world cup last decisive battle 4 strong, it is average per capita drinkable milk of 300 kilograms of above. We can look, no matter be it may not be a bad idea of Germany, France, England, drinkable milk measures average per capita is 300 kilograms, so the Chinese cannot win victory quite to the activity of manual sex, as drinkable as our milk quantity is rare very big concern.

A moment ago Liu Zong said, how do we become the leader of young, we had lost first-rate drink to suckle an opportunity in time of 20 years afore, but this thing is not reversible, it is good that you cannot say economy compares him double, can fill this rise, this cannot fill. I popularize knowledge of a milk with everybody, drinkable milk measures Korea average per capita is 60 kilograms. The person is in 37 years old before, drink milk to be able to add calcic content everyday, and after 37 years old, the quantity of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of body calcium of the person should be more than the grandma amount that you absorb everyday. So if our China can settle the case that drink suckles, can last of China so development ability is broken through somewhat.
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