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Heibei judge interview of dragon of Liu Yan of general manager of company of est

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On March 19, 2007, by Chinese wine kind current association is sponsorred, company of magazine of weekly of candy tobacco wine undertakes selection activity of ” of award of the rank of nobility of gold of sale of line of business of wine of first “ China is held in Chongqing. Direct seeding of article of graph of sina finance and economics. It is Heibei below judge memoir of interview of dragon of Liu Yan of general manager of company of estate of water Laobai dry wine.
Compere: Congratulation above all Liu Zong of your bear the palm.

Liu Yan Long: Thank!

Compere: Because my itself is Heibei person, judge water old Bai Gan is in Heibei is to have a representative company very much, will tell him in front also is very distinctive a product. So judge it is very fast that water often does present development career in vain, and from Heibei outward ministry goes now, the pace that will extend to the whole nation also is stepped more greatly, so in this respect judge what kind of program does water old Bai Gan have?

Liu Yan Long: Our target is Heibei is in the round king, record of the drop outside the province is outspread, strive to be in 8-10 inside year judge water Laobai is dry by an area strong brand is done into national brand.

Compere: Step is there in this respect? Is now to a what kind of program adopt?

Liu Yan Long: It is talent strategy above all. Our each field qualified personnel should say age structure now, intellectual construction is very reasonable, had the talent base of rapid development. Run a group e.g. what sell a company, general manager has 34 years old only, but he has held the position of general manager 5 years time, have 34 years old only. Average age is in the general manager that sells a few old divisions of company 30 years old, average age is in whole sale group 28 years old or so. And 95% above are close 10 years since the undergraduate of graduation. The competitive in the final analysis of the enterprise is the talent's competition, should say we had had talent structure, had the requirement of rapid development.

The brand strategy that 2 o'clock is us. These a few years judge promotion of water Laobai dry brand is very fast, we still are met of unremitting catch brand construction. Judge water often does me to think the brand is mixed now in vain the brand value of itself, the brand image of present brand image and itself still has difference, should be a high-grade figure. The wine that consumer says us is good drink, vinosity is good, always had drunk come to an agreement or understanding is drunk, and a lot of common people has been drunk drink other wine no longer later. Consumer approbates our wine, from the point of the history, from the point of dimensions, from the point of each respects, should be the brand of a mainstream of our China, high-grade brand, but had not reached this state now, I want to pass our effort, we are complete can judge water Laobai does wine make it the mainstream brand of a whole nation, a strong brand. This is brand strategy.
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