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Yi benefit manager talks about an Olympic Games every packets of milk will make

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Yi Li is chosen, not because of money

>> is Yi Li from the thought that when began to remove assistance Olympic Games?

Pan Gang: The earliest was on July 13, 2001 Chinese Shen Ao is successful. I am in at that time Huhhot, see people is initiative go to the street, stand to the car to celebrate even. I am long so big, see complete China is a thing for the first time so glad, throw so tall enthusiasm. I also burn with righteous indignation, have the excitement that a kind of opportunity comes at the same time: The Olympic Games comes to China, no matter be pair of business development, or from the angle that assumes social responsibility, this is once in a blue moon opportunity. Yi Li is bibcock of Chinese milk industry, we must want the action, must want to participate in.

Shen Ao of Yi Li “ (application becomes Olympic Games sponsor) I present as leading role the job of ” . The Olympic Games Organizing Committee just held water 2003, I begin to be contacted actively. The Olympic Games started sponsor plan 2004, I went again the Olympic Games Organizing Committee. 2005 first half of the year, we go the Olympic Games Organizing Committee is communicated, conveyed us to take an active part in the determination of the Olympic Games, took the mark book of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee at the same time.

>> is the process of ” of “ Shen Ao very hard also labyrinthian? << serves as the co-worker of the Olympic Games, in other industry, everybody can pay close attention to the likelihood commitment amount; In milkings industry, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee puts commitment amount in at the beginning the 2nd, the safety that values a company more, health and sincere letter. 08 Olympic Games, the athlete with the finest whole world comes to Beijing, especially athlete of a few foreign countries, dairy products of a day of 3 food is essential. If ate to make gut in the morning, do not have a law to play the game, that is important matter affection. In addition, these athletes and each country high official, in foreign edible is the dairy produce with best whole world, beijing also should choose best company of course, offer first-class service and product. So, application becomes Olympic Games sponsor, pressure is very great still.

Nevertheless more things let us feel rise with force and spirit. For example, in July 2005, hays of chairman of development department of international market of Olympic Games Organizing Committee · rich case, wait for group to arrive suddenly with Yuan Bin of minister of development department of Jiang Xiaoyu of BOCOG executive vice-chairman, market the benefit that visit Yi. I inspect the market outerly to answer at that time do not go, case of rich of Dan Haisi · sees one half praise substantially to Yi Li: I did not think of “ really China still has so good company, this is the sponsor that we should choose, what we should choose is this standard. ” evaluated our confidence this, this also is top evaluation. Want to know, the sponsor of the Olympic Games, include global strategic partner, · rich case can go Hays look. What he looks around at ordinary times is to rank the whole world 500 strong companies, include the well-known international big company such as Coke Cola! After Yi Li becomes Olympic Games sponsor finally, · rich case returned Hays to send a congratulatory letter technically to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee from abroad, from the bottom of one's heart congratulated the Olympic Games Organizing Committee to choose Yi Li, say this is ” of well-advised choice of the choice ” with correct “ , “ .
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