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Aircraft carrier leads plain water current head of Chinese water industry

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——— visits president of company of group of drink of Sichuan blue sword to hold general manager Guo Yimin concurrently
2007 beginning, group of drink of Sichuan blue sword two lift wave ——— to be on grand meeting of spirits of countrywide spring sugar in industry with great quantity, scene of Sichuan blue sword is infinite: Times mineral water contends for its product glacier exclusively to appoint drinking water, only happy plant grandma obtains Cultural Festival of cate of Chinese chaffy dish to appoint drink exclusively. Meantime, the mineral water of nearly 1 million reachs the value that La Jian offers to candy bender free drink, let the name of Sichuan good water, praise full hill city, famed whole nation.

Meanwhile, blue sword dominant is held dish water industry shuffles, make the pattern of Sichuan water industry produces big changes sadly. Ever was by analogy water industry “ the “ in ” of 4 small dragon brand of two flood course of study has put in 5 oxen ” , “ detached ” 's charge to fall to banner of La Jian drink.

Regard admiral of Sichuan water industry as the La Jian of the brand, accelerated the conformity of Sichuan water industry, also began western a when aircraft carrier ego expands water line of business new course. So, what is La Jian's strategy after all? What kind of change can Sichuan water industry produce after all? The reporter interviewed president of company of group of blue sword drink to hold general manager Guo Yimin concurrently.

Reporter: Bender of countrywide spring candy is the great party of countrywide drink food, international home is numerous and famous the brand assembles in Chongqing, times of glacier of La Jian · is He Neng to show itself in numerous and well-known trademark, become bender of candy of current whole nation to appoint drinking water exclusively?

Guo Yimin: Glacier times can obtain this special honour I feel very gratified, because expert of drink of it may be said of organizing committee of countrywide candy bender is round, to know sth like the palm of one's hand of industry of international home drink, I think they take a fancy to advantage of glacier times the following: It is ground of glacier times fountainhead it is exclusive the countryside of mineral water of a China, have world top class source of water, can says China is incomparable; 2 it is glacier times it is Chinese famous brand, whole nation avoids check product, national mountain-climbing group is special mineral water; 3 it is La Jian drink group is western the biggest drink company, be worth to trust.

Reporter: La Jian is built 3 years continuously issued the figure with the greatest cocktail party of all previous candy to exhibit a stage, blue sword of current candy bender was not set exhibit, however free gives value nearly 1 million yuan product offers countrywide travelling merchant and hill city citizen drinkable, is such doing to be based on why to plant consideration?
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