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Limited company sells food wine line of business in interview of chief inspector

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On March 19, 2007, by Chinese wine kind current association is sponsorred, company of magazine of weekly of candy tobacco wine undertakes selection activity of ” of award of the rank of nobility of gold of sale of line of business of wine of first “ China is held in Chongqing. Direct seeding of article of graph of sina finance and economics. Limited company sells line of business of wine of the food in be below memoir of interview of chief inspector Liu Xu.
Compere: Liu Xu of chief inspector of limited company sale introduces line of business of wine of the food in asking the integrated circumstance of line of business of wine of the one food in falling.

Liu Xu: Actually from which the conformity of food wine line of business more conformity that are a resource, all the time since a few friends that line of business of wine of the food in including to care on the market grows have a few idea, from the conformity of a few asset that brand of the grain in be being done with respect to progressively beginning begins from 2000 for us, should say 2001 is integrated this beginning that the propulsion with real work works, should say to come down through 6 years, the achievement of sex of this integrated phase and target had come true.

Compere: What is the key that 2007 next then our market works?

Liu Xu: The key that works 7 years from the mainest market for us actually from the sprint that the Olympic Games is for sale year, everybody knows Great Wall wine is us 2008 vinous a sole supplier. Here for we also hope Great Wall wine becomes a subject closely around the Olympic Games, go implementing the strategy with whole brand.

Compere: What meaning be below the line on the line that you say?

Liu Xu: On-line brand more it is consumer of this level, it is through advertisement these forms travel, through plane and advertisement these travel. What more pointing to is the level in channel below the line, we go combining an Olympic Games to do the activity of a few conduct propaganda, go popularizing.

Compere: You just tell a brand, I think of a problem, also be the problem that everybody cares very much, because the situation that attributes 3 factories is before the Great Wall, everybody is spent to the unified understanding of the brand opposite for a few weaker, thought of Great Wall brand fors the time being now respect you feel to be able to have what kind of a few progress, what kind of move can you have later?

Liu Xu: Above all for the thing that I feel brand dimension authority is not independence of a company. Actually brand dimension authority is we assure of healthy progress. We all the time since also be to adopt all sorts of methods, pass and the branch cooperates to rise related the government, of do one's best doing the work, should say to obtain a series of achievement, since also making sure capacity of produce and sale of Great Wall bishop is old, precede inside countrywide limits position.
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