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Liu Chunmei of general manager of Beijing dragon badge: Serve France table Chine

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—— visits Liu Chunmei of general manager of limited company of brew of Beijing dragon badge
From the supply when founding church uses wine, to the Beijing grape brewery that homecoming run stops after liberating, go to today's Beijing again limited company of dragon badge brew, although the company name development as the society after many change, dan Longhui bishop is changeless from beginning to end is its good quality. And all the time since of constant change, it is the belief that Long Hui holds to innovation to seek progress. No matter measure of line of the products, government, still be sale means, come 20 years, long Hui is seeking the way that the joint market, innovation that suits his develops all the time. Recently, the reporter visited Liu Chunmei of general manager of company of dragon badge brew, the innovation that asks her to talk about old name works.

Management innovates: Joint market demand

The development of the enterprise cannot be successful, have brilliant can have trough. Dragon badge company ever experienced the course with joint-stock China and foreign countries, production, sale and enterprise manage daily, all the time by what own 65 % share foreign dominant. However a variety of reasons make Long Hui is immersed in sale face narrow, sales volume is minor, enter for a long time not the condition that apply gives. 2002, long Hui and foreign sign equity to make over an agreement, bought foreign 65 % equity, make one small holding company becomes Beijing the largest stockholder of dragon badge company.

2003, long Hui introduces a partner again, ji Ma group develops the as biggest as Chinese wine industry agency —— Fujian jointly. The share of civilian battalion capital, give Long Hui infuse not only new vitality, more brought the market business chance with constant in a steady stream. Since Ji Ma joins in, long Hui's market expands quickly, enter and other places of river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, Fujian, year sale from 40 million increase to 120 million. Liu Chunmei says: The innovation of “ system mechanism changes make Long Hui produced tremendous change, this is reflected not only in sale on these data, more body mirrors speed to go up in our decision-making speed, market now. Before ” , jiang Zhe takes common people to like to match seafood edible with the blame bishop with delicate taste very much littoral, however this kind of collocation has a way easy the view that causes gout is common Zhu Baoduan, make common people does not know to eat seafood to should distribute what kind of drink temporarily. Be informed this one message, long Hui acts instantly, did not pass how long, a kind of alcohol spends low, taste relaxed, the bright of Long Hui spy that contrives to be fond of the crowd that takes seafood only worked to meet with the customer that takes littoral in vain, won good market feedback. This has to say new system mechanism brought administrative innovation, made up for market of old state-owend enterprise to mirror the inadequacy with slow mechanism, make Long Hui from each respect more joint market demand.
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