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Yuan benevolence country: Science makes a state wine brand

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Compere of dispatch of network of news of Chinese wine trade: Audience friends, today, we " in the center of be a guest stage " a guest that the program will roll out ceremoniously to everybody, it is Guizhou Maotai brewery Maotai of secretary of Party committee of finite liability company, general manager, Guizhou divide limited company president Yuan Ren country gentleman, yuan Zong, hello!
Yuan benevolence country: Compere is good, audience friend of the whole nation, everybody is good!
Compere: Speak of Maotai, everybody feels very kind, because it is a country wine, because it is the brand of a widely known, because it is affecting the affection of too much Chinese and care. 15 during, our country gained brilliant construction success, we know, 15 ” of “ also are the period with Maotai mill the rapiddest development, can you talk about the basic case that 15 ” of Maotai “ develop to us?

Yuan benevolence country: Above all, I should represent all Maotai person to thank the care of the people of the whole country to Maotai and deep love, be your long-term support, had the right leader of government of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and Guizhou provincial Party committee, province just about, maotai just had great development progress.

The day before yesterday, we listened to domestic treasure premier " governmental working report " , flourishing to the prosperity of our country feel be filled with exultation. 5 years during 15 ” of “ , also be Maotai factory 5 years when major strategy sense has on history of development of finite liability company.

These 5 years, we insist to regard the first important or urgent business that starts strong look forward to of look forward to as development, be carried out in the round and implement scientific progress concept, emancipatory thought, be practical and realistic, with when all is entered, sedulous start construction, plan development intently, each career also obtained brilliant result. Overall for, reflect go up newly in 10: Each economic norms marchs toward new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position; Economic system reform achieves new breakthrough; Product structural adjustment gains new headway; Business management strides new step; Financial management and invest management to enter new level external; Employee income reachs new level; Environmental protection gets new rise; Company culture construction reachs new state; Technical innovation realizes new phase; The construction of civilization of spiritual civilization, politics, party obtains new result.

Compere: Does the problem figure ground that can you care with respect to audience friend introduce?

Yuan benevolence country: Good, I introduce simply 5 years to come from 4 respects the circumstance of Maotai:

One, come 5 years Maotai produces per year a quantity to break through 10 thousand tons to close greatly, increasing masses is drunk went up Maotai, the long-cherished wish of the older generation revolutionist such as Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou has come true.
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