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Entrance wine kind measure of home market government

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National classics trade appoint, Commodity Inspection Bureau of total office of industrial and commercial bureau, customs, State Bureau of Technical Supervision, Ministry of Public Health, country makes the state jointly
General principles of the first chapter
The first imports wine to strengthen kind home market management, safeguard entrance wine kind home market manages order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of generator, operator, consumer, make this way.
This the 2nd method place calls an entrance wine kind, it is to show all sorts of entrances beyond beer pack bucket of bottled wine, entrance to install wine, entrance beforehand semi-manufactured goods wine (base wine) , what the cent after outfit, treatment installs is divide to ferment in our country churchyard wine (bishop, bubbly, wine) , distillation wine (wine of whisky, brandy, Gan Yi, vodka, bright Mu, cereal wine) and make up wine (wine of liqueur, suffering moxa) .
Trade of classics of the 3rd country appoint, total office of bureau of industrial and commercial administration, Ministry of Public Health, customs, State Bureau of Technical Supervision and State Administration of Import and Export Commodity Inspection press the country duty division of labor is opposite lawfully entrance wine kind undertake administrative.
The 4th to importing wine kind following managing execute in home market:
(one) custom superintends management.
(2) wholesome supervisory management, include port sanitation to supervise examine (sanitation of provision of import of wholesome quarantine, “ is supervised examine mark ” and wholesome certificate management) with home production, management sanitation controls government.
(3) quality controls government.
(4) market management action and market order control government.
(5) taxation asks for tubal management to wait.
The 5th every is engaged in importing wine in churchyard of People's Republic of China kind the business that produces treatment, current activity, should observe this way.
The 2nd chapter imports wine kind port management
Supervisory inspection agency of sanitation of provision of import of the 6th port, quality is right the entrance wine that enters our country churchyard kind (include duty-free entrance wine kind) undertake supervisory examining lawfully. Entrance unit should offer entrance alcoholic drink kind output country (area) producing area sanitation proves. Entrance wine kind (do not include duty-free entrance wine kind) should according to our country " food label general standard " add with concerned regulation stick Chinese label. According to of supervisory inspection agency of sanitation of port import provision, quality a regulation is right entrance wine kind undertake supervisory examining. To supervising certificate of proof add stick “ to import food sanitation to supervise examine mark ” , sign and issue wholesome certificate (original, carbon) . Supervise examine to prohibit an import unqualifiedly.
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