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Wine of dark blue city kind market couplet investigates effect remarkable

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The near future, wine of city of state of Heibei province dark blue kind supervisory management board in order to ensure during the Olympic Games wine kind market safety attachs most importance to bit of target, the seasoned wine inside constituent area under administration kind execute the law personnel is right the wine inside region of place area under administration kind the market had special inspection.

Execute the law personnel is in city of dark blue state partial county (area) inside hunt down more than 100 bottles of wine of sham name actor, mark a price goods is worth more than yuan nearly 40 thousand. Additional, investigated strictly without wine kind current along with add sheet and along with add sheet to fill in non-standard, be short of, fill in the phenomenon such as the disorder and without wine kind commodity licence sells wine kind the behavior of commodity, did not install “ to prohibit making work to minor the behavior of language of wine ” caution.

Couplet hunted down favorable result: One, the drinking safety that ensures wide swarm is numerous during the Olympic Games; 2, improved wine kind current along with the normative utilization rate that adds sheet; 3, effective keep within limits fake the market of wine is current; 4, supervise and urge requirement wine kind merchandise operator holds liquor kind commodity licence is managed.

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