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Heibei saves wine kind commodity monitors regulation

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Heibei saved standing committee of the 10th people's congress the 5th times on September 26, 2003 the conference is passed)

General principles of the first chapter
The first is opposite to strengthen wine kind the supervisory management of goods production, sales compaign, safeguard wine kind commodity market order, health of stimulative wine line of business develops, protective consumer and wine kind the legitimate rights and interests of the commodity producer, person that sell, basis " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " and " administration of People's Republic of China allows a law " the regulation that waits for concerned law, code, union is saved originally actual, enact this ordinance.
The 2nd is saving canton originally wine is engaged in inside region kind the unit of goods production, sales compaign or individual and to wine kind the executive authority that goods production, sales compaign carries out supervisory management, ought to abide by this byelaw.
The wine that this the 3rd byelaw place weighs kind commodity, include all sorts of liquor, beer, yellow rice or millet wine, wine and edible alcohol to contain the beverage of alcohol with etc. But supervisory management department of national provision medicines and chemical reagents is examined, the medicinal liquor except of approval.
Government of people of above of class of the 4th county ought to be encouraged and wine of supportive name actor kind the development of commodity, the organization investigates false and inferior wine lawfully about the branch kind action of the production of commodity, sale.
The director wine with affirmatory government of people of above of class of the 5th county kind the branch of supervisory management is in charge of the wine inside area of politics of one's own profession kind the supervisory government of goods production, sales compaign works.
Various quality technology is supervised, the concerned branch such as supervisory management of medicines and chemical reagents of industrial and commercial administration, food, sanitation and public security according to respective duty, be opposite lawfully wine kind commodity undertakes supervisory administrative.
The 6th encourages wine kind trade organization is built and perfect industry self-discipline system, play wine kind trade organization is in seek advice, the function that serves a field.

The 2nd chapter produces government
The 7th is engaged in wine kind commodity manufactures an activity, the wine that ought to acquire technology of provincial above quality to supervise a branch to issue lawfully kind commodity produces licence. Application wine kind commodity produces licence, ought to have following requirement:
(one) the business charter that has hair of nucleus of department of industrial and commercial administration;
(2) have assure wine kind the craft condition of commodity quality, metric, detect method and the professional technology personnel that accord with a requirement;
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