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Beer industry is begun energy-saving decrease corrupt current situation investig

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Recently, " wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " the reporter learns from branch of beer of association of Chinese brew industry, to push beer industry of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon begin, beer branch begins to undertake current situation of entire industry blowdown is investigated, be trade policy make custom-built preparation.

In recent years, energy-saving polluting processing with industry is the country fathers all the time the focal point that pay, beer industry is typical rapid development trade, industry labelled national general beer to use up the key trade with tall, much blowdown. Although the enterprise took positive step in managing the sources of energy and cut blowdown respect, but industry blowdown gross still ceaseless as the growth of product gross climb litre. For this, 2007, the yield of beer manufacturing industry corrupt coefficient and blowdown coefficient are rolled out formally; 2008, the yield that branch of local environmental protection begins pair of beer businesses corrupt, blowdown circumstance undertakes be investigatinged extensively.

In the meantime, ministry of national environmental protection strengthened the relevant legal system that operating ring condition pollutes to build, in principle asks gross of industry development, product increases, but blowdown gross must not increase, it is certain to ask to have proportional drop. Accordingly, branch of beer of association of Chinese brew industry decides to undertake inside the industry blowdown current situation is investigated, so that offer relevant policy proposal to trade situation. According to introducing, nearly two years, branch of beer of association of Chinese brew industry already was producing the investigation that increased to concern blowdown situation in statistical investigation every year, but because statistical branch is professional incorrect mouth, data fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is less, cause data error apparent. Current, still partial enterprise did not discharge contaminant, processing brings into business management category.

Chief of branch of beer of association of Chinese brew industry expresses, the hope carries this second investigation, establish professional connection with the environmental protection management department of the enterprise, make an enterprise strengthen the management of this job, build data of concerned environmental protection detect and statistical system, stimulative beer industry is managing the sources of energy, reduce blowdown.

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