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Wine of belt of the mail since August enters a country levy 50 %

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The reporter learned a few days ago, since August 1, 2007, custom will carry out new edition " enter a country passenger baggage article and watch of classify of tax regulations of tariff of import of individual post article " reach " enter a country passenger baggage article and tariff of pay taxes of individual post article " , take cosmetic, wine kind, tobacco enters a country levy 50% .

According to introducing, of new edition " tax regulations classify is expressed " adjust tax rate by original 3 class for 4 class (namely 10 % , 20 % , 30 % , 50 % ) , among them applicable the article of 10 % tax rate includes: Boots of food, beverage, shoe, medical treatment, health care and beautiful container material, hutch defends sporting goods of appliance, furniture, musical instrument, part to wait; Applicable the article of 20 % tax rate includes: Spin raw material and its finished products, photography is photographed wait like equipment; Applicable the article of 30 % tax rate includes: Golf and ball are provided, high-grade watch; Applicable the article of 50% tax rate includes: Cosmetic, wine kind, nicotian.

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