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Milkings quality safety superintends byelaw to pass

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Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together 6 days to open the State Council standing conference, listen to incident of infant milk powder to deal with case report, industry of research deploy milk is rectified and promote the work, discuss and the principle is passed " milkings quality safety monitors regulation (draft) " .

The conference points out, after incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card happens, height of the Party Central Committee, the State Council takes seriously, decisive and decision-making deploy, various places, each deal with quickly about the branch, carry out the free cure to the little patient with all one's strength, urgent begin raw material grandma and dairy produce to be checked in the round, clutch investigation accident responsibility, organize eligible milk products to supply. Current, effect sees at the beginning of each work measure, whole situation is developing to good way.

The conference points out, the incident of milk products safety that incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card causes, the life health that gives an infant causes very great harm, to down to of industry of our country milk reputation of whole food industry brings terrible influence. The happening of this one incident, immediate cause is a few illegal elements and safety of life of company place people at disregarding, forget honor at sight of money, violate legal system to make work harmful milk products. In the meantime, expose a pull current of our country milk products to connect order disorder, superintend lack the outstanding issue that miss badly. Recall a painful experience, must draw a lesson deeply, weigh allusion to treat chaos lawfully, be determined to had been caught arrive from cropland mensal the superintendency of each link, make the fame of industry of our country food is able to restore, the confidence of consumer is able to increase, people life health gets reliable safeguard.

The conference emphasizes, want the drive that with be opposite people height is in charge of, insist to be with the person this, ensure safe, clear responsibility, strengthen superintend, whole journey control, information is public, sound system, perfect standard, lawfully principle of retroactive of administration, responsibility, do good incident to deal with further, each work that milk industry is rectified and promotes. Want elaborate organization, appropriate does good kind aftertreatment to work. Continue to do milk powder of problem of good infant edible free examination, cure works, make the little patient receives seasonable treatment, restore health as soon as possible. Arrange a hospital to check power as a whole, the platoon that exert oneself strengthens country and outlying area infant is checked and the little patient closes control the job. 2 should make a thorough investigation of reason, gravity investigates relevant personnel duty. Responsible to losing enterprise, manage door, national office working personnel, want to find out responsibility, earnest processing according to discipline lawfully, make crime move send a judiciary to penalize lawfully. Pass the processing of incident, have to people explain, have caution to the enterprise, have to the society benefit gained from sb's wisdom, make a place various government, branch and food industry are cogent bear a responsibility, aggrandizement goes to whole food course of study and the superintendency that produce character amount. 3 should rectify in the round, restore the normal order of milk products market. The stop production of company explicit order with diseased guarantee system of disorder of order of sale of unqualified to producing character to measure, production, quality is rectified, violate to breaking the law compasses the company that create is banned lawfully stoutly. Rectify and normative grandma stands, raise admittance threshold, executive standardization manages. Whole food industry should establish sound quality standard, perfect examine detect method, implement product label system, ensure food quality is safe. 4 should be made and had fulfilled stimulative grandma to course of study is revitalized and last the policy measure of healthy progress. To key area grandma farming implements deliverance policy, improve industrial quality, weigh model consumer confidence, heavy brace up ethical brand, build contemporary milk line of business in the round. 5 should make clear duty, strict food safety is superintended. Clutch make authority duty consistent, superintending the food inspect body that reach the designated position is reform program, execute administration strictly to ask duty with system of responsibility date from, various people government wants the place to be in charge of to local food safety. 6 want sound legal system, superintend for food safety provide legal safeguard. Fulfil strictly execute the law responsibility, supervise and urge industry standard is managed, cogent perform social duty.
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