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Oak bucket gourd ladle gives leisurely wine sweet

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Limited company of brew of grape of an ancient name for China of county of goosefoot of Heibei province prosperous the ” of the biggest wine cellar of “ Asia underground of complete is medium last year, put store the bishop item on display of different production a particular year looks around for the person.

In goosefoot of Chinese Heibei prosperous, after establishing limited company of brew of grape of an ancient name for China 1988, get all the time the quite much attention of grape brew industry, and the look that the ” of the biggest wine cellar of underground of so-called “ Asia that its have also drew many people.

In May 2003, wine cellar of an ancient name for China the 5th period extend project is comprehensive complete, right now, the “ of the biggest French grape wine cellar on its dimensions and world pulls Fei Bao to ” compares a shoulder and stand, and its oneself “ is built for hill of body, authentic with hill, the crude structure develop a school of one's own that hill cellar syncretic, the four seasons gives birth to cool ” , established the unique position in world wine cellar.

In the subterranean palace that walks along more than meters 10 to cover an area of an area to reach underground 10399 square metre, greatly, above all tangy and the sends out by bucket of more than 10 thousand oak namely leisurely wine that come is sweet. And the cost of every oak bucket should be achieved allegedly 500, 600 dollars, average the use fixed number of year of a bucket is only 3 to 5 years. Can say, if do not have certain belief,this kind of gigantic systemic circulation invests is complete impracticable.

Oak craft can say is bishop brew medium important one annulus, rare bishop often chooses actor oak bucket to undertake putting store, make wine deliquescent the fragrance of oak bucket grace, can make wine body richer structural feeling and endurance. Company of an ancient name for China imported barrel of this kind of high grade oak in great quantities from France early or late, leave bottle store with condition of subterranean constant temperature again, make bishop undertakes slow old heat, implemented rule truly old wine, make flavour of bishop of Great Wall of an ancient name for China more full-bodied.

Walk along discovery of the ability when wine cellar seeks the story of its backside, the ” of years of flaming of passion of a few “ of brew person still is in together to it.

When an ancient name for China builds wine cellar of first phase, because journey is far, the circumstance with the abominable builder of one's early years falls to struggle difficultly, and this group of “ desperately a large number of sweat and toil of 3 man ” also are thrown away was in here, in the grape mature season also greeted the complete of wine cellar, for vinous old wine built a sweet home. And nowadays, the 5th period wine cellar is when run to new scope of operation, in those days there already were many people in builder or retire or leave the world, but ” of their “ passion years still is in together with wine cellar.
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