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Vinous " Bao Jieli is beautiful "

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The friend should make an appointment with night to get together small fulfil, the south Africa wine of my choosing, all word is right. Did not cross 3 make one's rounds, awaited the soldier that see to come, see drink wine, skew-eyed path: South Africa wine? Which! On my cars well-known spirits, family collect carefully sends me next. The key hands at hand, carry one ceremony box to come a little while, ground of take good care of yourself is opened, cry: Change cup! Be being taken is ground glass bottle, the wine mark drawing of grey bottom is far Shan Chonglan, Great Wall beautiful delay, impregnable pass lofty, coronal of tall car double horse is built and go out. Look from car section, character, picture meaning should be " history write down " in Zhang Qian makes of the Western Regions piece pass a plan, it is to be the China that has literal account to introduce a grape to cultivate with brewing technique germinant.

Bearing mark is to write so: “ China does red wine the first bottle. ” bracket: (1979 portion former juice, need especially special) . Have group additionally: “ this wine is used 1979 Long Zhu of portion Chi Xiazhu, snake, Pin Lizhu former juice of 3 kinds of grapes, through 20 years oak bucket wine cellar stores. Used bottle of modulation of 3 kinds of former juice in September 1999, 5 years of above are deposited to manufacture in succession in constant temperature wine cellar. Because the amount is limited, can calls dry red Jiuzhongzhi highest grade. Manufacture date sees say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion. ”

Heal is in admire to imprint: 2005/08/23. Provenance of wine mark big book: Haiminghua is supplied in place. Very rigorous make clear: Not for sale.

The soldier falls wine personally: “79 year wine, much more god-given! ” everybody Nuo.

Host of lubricious perfume house asks beyond: This wine how about? Anounce a smile. Not dare fatigue person, the bottle of Chinese ink green that has taken massiness pours one cannikin oneself, green manure is red thin, see color, shallow weak; Hear, hum? Pure and refined, pretty good; Drink, wine system is small, suitable slip cabinet, quite goluptious. Answer: Quite good.

That wine did not have “ completely that day wine flavour ah! ” lubricious fragrance resides host to be oppugned later, he did not say “ fades out of a bird to come ” already was extremely polite presumably. The view on hereon wine net is: “ flaw 100 label. ”“ builds false comparison this to lack common sense. Can cheat only cheat rich and what also lack common sense is goofy. ” returns somebody titter of mouth of attack by surprise: “20 year does oak bucket wine cellar store? Use those who wash a foot! ”

Article had tried this wine to feel although aroma is weak, but without miscellaneous flavour, mouthfeel is not strong, can eat however, it is a young and dainty wine, suffer the effect of oak bucket hardly, grape breed should be beautiful happy. Not be France, not be Spain, not be Australia, come from Chile probably, 4 years or of 5 a particular year.
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