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French Pang Ma Jiuzhuang (Chateau Palmer)

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Pang Ma (Chateau Palmer) wine place of business is located in Ma song to press down (Margaux) miscarriage area -- this also is to be in French bishop country of origin to name the superlative degree in the system other produce a division, the road along bishop of wave Er much Zun An, the Kangtena that enters Ma song to produce a division village (Cantenac) , what the right hand side of the road sees above all is to have 4 tower, suspension of 3 different ensign the castle, this enjoys the Pang Ma Jiuzhuang of extremely high prestige in wine world namely, although 1855 classification a place of business of wine of row third class, but place of business of wine of 5 when produce a division in Ma song together 2 class (in classificationing 1855, ma song produces area wine place of business to have an one class, 5 2 class, place of business of wine of 9 3 class) , no matter vinosity still is wine price, nobody can look at its a person's back, in last few years, place of business of Ma song wine is to be chased after by broad wine business and bishop lover more hold in both hands, its prestige is climbed successively litre, the area is produced to seek place of business of one class wine closely in Ma song -- place of business of Ma song wine, numerous even bishop essayist believes: If undertake bishop classifications again, be in wave Er much area, pang Ma Jiuzhuang rises completely likely for place of business of one class wine.

Grapery of Pang Ma Jiuzhuang, by British Pang horse (Charles Palmer) the general was founded 1814, pass on arrived 1853 admire black conspicuous (Péreire) brother, begin to build the castle that we see today. Parisian world exposition is medium 1855, initiate pair of Meiduoke by Napoleon (Médoc) bishop undertakes classificationing, bank of bank of Pang horse wine row third class. After many harships, after the root nodule aphid that experiences 19 centuries evening especially is endangered, wine place of business is managed goodish, waited for Ye Bouteiller by cloth 1938 (France) , Mähler-Besse of Ma Le Baisi (Holand) , Er Sichel withers on the west (England) 3 familial buy together, today, when we look around, can see flying 3 on the castle different ensign, representing the familial welcome of 3 different country. It is before 2004, wine place of business waits for production of Ye familial administer to manage by cloth all the time, now, by Du Hao of Tao Ma • (Thomas Duroux) regards a profession as handler, the production with overall control at managing.

What Pang horse Zhuang Sheng looks is conspicuous only then 1961 portion, this is one of Boerduo's extremely excellent a particular year, pang Ma Jiuzhuang is the incisively and vividly that voices this one a particular year more, till today, pang Ma Jiuzhuang the bishop 1961, in market of London bishop auction, the price is as high as 10 thousand pound all the time every box (750ml×12 bottle) . Hotel of Macao general Beijing bought 500 bottles 1997, pang Ma Jiuzhuang was in Macao to ancient bronze mirror is tasted after beautiful to these 500 bottles wine has bottle and use wine place of business to save the bishop that gets same batch to undertake buying bottle in May 2005, change cork (in Boerduo's wine normally Zhuang Dou can provide such service, different is this kind of operation be in wine Zhuang Jin goes, the professional transport costs of the wine of owner need burden of beautiful wine) .
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