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Fall in love with Italian bishop

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On November 29, 2007 - the Shanghai December 1 exhibits a center, belong to cate beautiful wine of Italy. And on November 30 midday, one is mixed by ministry of Italian foreign trade " outside beach pictorial " the brigade ” that the “ that holds jointly savours Italian beautiful wine and cate, more in the warm this world that lets everybody be intoxicated in wintry day and drunken small drunk, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

When “ everybody is sampling, do not use body of hand handholding cup, hold a cup of foot gently with finger however, the temperature that won't allow control so affects mouthfeel. The Danny Wang of the Great Master that taste wine of ” Hong Kong is showing everybody how to sample professionally bishop: View is tongue of lubricious, Wen Xiang, embellish, entrance, fine article, the aftertaste. This one act, happen in the Shanghai on November 30 midday to exhibit a center room of 2 buildings honoured guest. This is mixed by ministry of Italian foreign trade " outside beach pictorial " ancient bronze mirror of beautiful wine beautiful food meets the “ Italy that holds jointly ” , attracted include Shanghai to go up famous master of ceremonies Mr Lin Dongfu inside everybody is participated in. Of everybody before placed 8 different height, bulk the wine-cup of each different, the content in the cup or deep or shallow, or extensive is worn subtle bubble or so clear that be just as transparent. In addition, by Italian large kitchen the cate of of all kinds of elaborate cooking, more the grand meeting with this meaning delicate type is perfected.

Wine comes in, the complexion of everybody has some of Xu Fangong, state also grants more loose, umberto Vattani of chairman of committee of Italian foreign trade more spread out ” of map of “ Italy bishop, ignite another climax. The first impression of this map is “ there is ” of a grapery on each inches of land. Of the map right next horn have a cartoon, “ looks, although this person is being chased after by the shark, also do not wish to throw away the grape bottle in the hand, and he casts a shark a cup of bishop, praying it seems that bishop ” is fallen in love with like shark and him, vattani, this voluble Italy old man, spread out a paragraph of description about “made In Italy” so.

Q: Mention Italy, always think of sunshine, enthusiasm, so does Italian beautiful wine also have such characteristic?

A: Italian beautiful wine has the force ” with transcendental “ . Mention beer, we always think of company name, and think of coke, always be in thirsty when; Have wine only, it is as thirsty as “ brand ” , “ ” has nothing to do, concern “ mood ” , “ to savour ” only. If the Englishman meets,always should talk about weather in that way, our Italian meets to be sent his respects to at most is “ we drink what ” today. Pull out bottle stopper, hear go with wine sweet, reoccupy tongue is licked, each cups of wine needs to spend time to savour, and friendship also gets raising of things to a higher level in this process. In Italy, make the friend's case because of a cup of good wine, common occurance.
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