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Elegant Shi Chenkun encounters red wine

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The sky of late autumn always is inferior to person meaning, but that day clear however. Those who film before today in brains ceaselessly conception is worn the occasion that he appears, a variety of star take the luxurious appearance of red carpet, after be being embraced before, crowded person wave is moved. But absolutely did not think of, he is the line of sight that walks into us so unexpectedly.

“ brother! ” backside had an individual to cry, the staff member is discussing to film with thunder of photography teacher hibernate in those days matters concerned, hear busy later. The smile on his face resembles a child, stretch double arm glide to come over, teacher of thunder following hibernate came strongly a big hug. The staff member on the side was stupefied. Everybody cannot think of, he is Chen Kun, the dazzling star on that screen, all China movie is popular award strong competitor ……

When people surpriseds, chen Kun and hibernate thunder teacher had been climbed mention come. Sit modelling teacher begins to work, but this fraction did not disturb happy word to talk about time. Chen Kun speaks of the place that he likes most, double edition accept is a magical land on the west, the person over there is very honest, general place has a meal to want a guest to ask what dish and what dish fry chef together to be able to act accordingly only, but arrived over there, chef is met special cry true the ground shakes his head with the guest, look at you very afraidly, like seeming to think you want him kill with poison. In double edition accept has a meal on the west more need not you go give a lot of care chooses what course, all dish meal is same appear with formula form, you need to tell a boss to want the food of how many money only. When having a meal, people won't resemble seeing the person in the zoo look at you, see you very friendlily however, say you are good-looking.

Making up li of Chen Kun that see and a screen go up and did not differ a pool. Purificatory facial features, healthy skin color, especially his abstruse eye, bright and clear. Speak of the eyes, he says, of everybody perky go up in the eyes. If want to let this,the individual appears spirit, be about to make the vital organs of the human body very clear and coherent. The person view diverge that often stays up late, appear very bloodless. He often looks recently " the classics inside the emperor " , a lot of cultivate one's morality introduced to raise sexual a magic weapon inside the book. The most important is to read the meeting when this kind of book to let him feel whole spirit very loosen, will alleviate with these nervous job lives. Chen Kun still gives our staff member everybody in the spot proposal of a preserve one's health. Those who let attendant everybody feel him is kind, do not have the frame of star at all, he ased if big elder brother of everybody perhaps learns to grow same.

Mention bishop, there is cabinet of an old wine in Home Chen Kun replete the bishop that he comes to in each country collect. He still got the “ in fokelore pulls phenanthrene ” recently, one respecting is worn he immediately very excited, modest still enquire bishop knowledge to the staff member. He says, like drink actually and be an upright person, with harmonious bishop keep sb company, let life become the element that is full of harmony.
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