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"Boots " in make the wine that give (bishop)

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Bishop regards the west as culture in impartible cut one share, we pursue the time that it appears for the first time very hard however. Our ancestor observed a such natural phenomena: One string strings together squashy grape be born, the bacterial contact in the full fruit juice after leather make friends leaves and air, ferment then bishop produces …… . People begins to enjoy its delightful scent and elegant mouthfeel, up-to-date.

About vinous origin ground, opinions vary. Some saying is out Greek, some says is in Egypt. And historical sites is maintained more is from the You Xiaoya before 10000 fine inferior with Egypt, in arrive Greek before reaching its island, circulate Greek Kelite island, arrive again in the cc of European Italy of the Puluowangsi of island, France, North Africa Libyan with Spanish foreland. Meanwhile, area of and other places of this Europe in cultivating a technology to be entered by Danube from boreal Europe, Germany, enjoy reputation inside quite long time accordingly, make today we will the definition produces area ” for “ tradition. The wine that normally these area place produce has strict regulations supervise the manufacture of. And as opposite as this yield the area is ” of “ new world, point to the journey of the Spain as 16 centuries and Portuguese nautical explorer namely, of the central america that grapery arrives at in them and South America country build. Very fast, the technology that the grape grows is in the United States, Canada and South America coastal area gets popularizing on the west, and south Africa is just began to have the first grapery in 17 centuries later period, what Australia and New Zealand introduce at first also is the breed of south Africa.

See not hard from this, italy is one of countries that Europe gets the earliest bishop grows a technology. This mysterious and elegant country, besides the artistic culture that having acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person, vinous crop also occupies the 1/4 of the world. Although be on international fame,Italian wine lags behind at French wine far. But the history of its brew is defeated anything but however at France, had exceeded 3000. Ancient time is Greek the country that calls Italy bishop (dust graceful Teliya) . Actually, dust graceful Teliya is a noun in ancient Greek, mean Italian southeast ministry. The bishop history of this country is ages ago. The elocutionist that republican makes a period Xisailuo, emperor triumphant scatter ever in indulge bishop. As a result of Weisuwei volcano erupts and melt into dies between one night of the Pang Bei Cheng of the city vestigial in, still withhold have a lot of complete grape wine pot. Allegedly Roman soldiers of ancient time go when battlefield, bringing grape young plant at the same place with the weapon, territory expanded to be planted over next grapes. What this transmitted grape seedling and bishop brewing technique to European each country from Italy namely is germinant.
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