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Dozenth 2009 a sand is special (Ji Da) exposition of international food, hotel /

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Exhibit meeting name: Dozenth 2009 a sand is special (Ji Da) exposition of international food, hotel / Chinese total representative runs a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-5-24~2009-5-28 signs up end: 2009-4-1 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Auspicious amounts to international to exhibit a center to approve an unit: Shanghai international advertisement exhibits limited company to sponsor an unit: Al-Harithy undertakes unit: Al-Harithy supports assist run an unit: Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
Postpone meeting brief introduction dozenth 2009 a sand is special (Ji Da) exposition of international food, hotel / China always acts as agent
Extend meeting time: Will come on May 24, 2009 on May 28
Exhibit meeting site: Auspicious amounts to international to exhibit a center
Showpiece limits:
Food drink: Food of food of wine of beverage, smoke, biscuit, candied, produce, convenient food, quick frozen food, green, health food, infant, potted food, flesh kind taste, greens of products of oil of birds goods, dairy produce, dressing, grain, dry Xian Guo, roast food, recreational food,
Hotel facilities: Hotel things reachs device; Tableware of kitchen utensils and appliances; Last equipment; Refrigerant refrigerating equipment; Indoor and design of interior of configuration of hotel uniform, bedroom, room, ventilated equipment
Mechanical equipment: Food machines machinery; Furnish of food label, bag has; Cold drink machinery; Carnivorous machines machinery; Detect, test equipment; Encoder
Exhibit meeting setting
Exposition of hotel of food of Ji Daguo border is by the famous exhibition that the world exhibits meeting property company Al-Harithy undertakes, the system of promotion of puissant conduct propaganda of Al-Harithy company will be to exhibit meet what can be bought a height to pay close attention to as always by middle east and relevant area assure. Ji Da is the economic trade centre with special sand, to broad and intended development south of sand spy market, Africa market is a very good chance that takes, brisk rate does not need trade of Yu Alian chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to. Should exhibit meeting predecessor to be in 20 it is drink of a food before New Year more exhibit, the demand of sand spy market for contented and constant irregular change, ability transition is today's food hotel exposition to reach beverage industry in order to get used to the native food of rapid growth.
This is exhibited can depend on its high quality, the product of floriferous appearance and advanced service concept already became food hotel to exhibit the firm rock in midstream of the meeting. Annual exposition, get food beverage industry and the puissant support of the industry that pack, drove market economy very well, better also offerred good in quality and cheap in price every day object for consumer, also make at the same time advocate appoint can enough confidence does good every time to exhibit meeting. Ji Da is the central haven with special sand, also be the main production base of sand spy food and beverage industry, exhibit meeting the platform that can provide to reveal for new product not only, also can make the supplier is mixed buy the taste of a rapid change to the market and consumer to make rapid and timely response.
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