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Candy of division grand international and recreational food exhibited ★ ★ 2009

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Exhibit meeting name: Candy of division grand international and recreational food exhibited ★ ★ 2009 run a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-2-1~2009-2-4 signs up end: 2009-1-1 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: International of German division grand reads extensively the center approves an unit: Sponsor an unit: Company of exhibition of international of German division grand undertakes unit: Beijing happy event amounts to limited company of international business affairs to support assist run an unit:
Exhibit meeting brief introduction to postpone meeting introduction:
International candy and recreational food exhibited division grand to have 1 what come from 70 countries in all 2008, 675 firms join, among them 81% come from abroad. Exhibit meeting gross area for 110, 000 square metre. 251 ginseng that participator includes to come from Germany exhibit business and 62 agents, and come from 1 abroad, 283 ginseng exhibit business and 79 agents, among them Chinese enterprise shares 45. 34 what come from 143 countries, 000 audiences looked around to exhibit meeting, among them 63% come from abroad.
The candy of division grand international that holds in German division grand and recreational food are exhibited (ISM) the exhibition that is the sweetmeat with the the biggest, most important whole world and recreational food. Annual, the professional personage that comes from global trade circle gathers together here, mutual introduction, disentomb and discuss the product with newfangled trend, newest international, search best recently business chance. The exhibit series of ISM is other any exhibition cannot of compare, the wide complete reflection of its limits gave market of whole whole world. The target group with global candy all and relevant line of business was taken here. Small-sized, medium-sized still have the supplier that has the market to lead action people have direct communication here, with most the requirement that innovatory thought, originality and concept satisfy prospective customer. These are mixed for the supplier between the client double win created infinite good opportunity.

Limits of item on display: Cocoa, chocolate and chocolate goods, bit heart, recreational food, bake the goods that bake
Biscuit, snacks, candy products, ice-cream and syrup
Come 8 years 9 years food (part) the project goes out postpone a plan
Time exhibits meeting name location
Exhibition of food of international of 2008/10/19-23 France Paris (SIAL) French Paris international exhibits a center
Food of international of 2008/10/28-31 Wu Kelan exhibits black to overcome Lan Jifu
Hill of boiler of Korea of EXPO of fair of trade of aquatic product of international of hill of 2008/11/13-15 Korea boiler
2008/11/03-05 middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) sweetmeat and recreational food are exhibited enlighten do obeisance to
International food exhibits the Yahasakesitan in 2008/11/04-07 A of Kazakstan Si Tan pulls wood to pursue
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