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Food of the 34th Japan border and beverage exhibited ★ ★ 2009

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Exhibit meeting name: Food of the 34th Japan border and beverage exhibited ★ ★ 2009 run a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-3-3~2009-3-6 signs up end: 2009-2-3 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: 1000 Xie Muzhang international of Japanese reveal a center to approve an unit: Sponsor an unit: JapanManagementAssociation undertakes unit: Beijing happy event amounts to limited company of international business affairs to support assist run an unit: Beijing happy event amounts to limited company of international business affairs
Exhibit meeting brief introduction to postpone meeting introduction:
Should be being exhibited can be Asia-Pacific area dimensions the biggest, reputation is top, breed is the most all ready, trade the amount is the largest, exhibit with food of international of Paris of German division grand, France eponymous, 3 big provision of so-called world are exhibited one of. Should exhibit can hold every year since 1976, came to greeted the 34th 2009, as enter the optimal room that exhibits business and both sides of the person that look around to extend business chance, all obtain the high opinion of concerned personnel every time.
Japan is the biggest entrance country on the world, self-sufficient rate under 40% , entrance forehead was 42 billion U.S. dollor 2002. Additional, japan is the world powerful nation of the 2nd old economy, walk along alive bound front in every respect, food industry is not exceptional also, attend this exhibition to be able to begin company image conduct propaganda directly, undertake famous brand strategy is publicized directly, begin sales promotion and commerce to negotiate directly activity. This exhibition is the place on put together is narrated, attending Japan border food and beverage to exhibit is to seek commerce associate undoubtedly, develop day of our market, promote goods, technical communication, the significant activity place of the respect such as commerce collaboration.
Reviewing of previous term or session: Exhibited 2008 can exhibit an area 28973 square metre, in all 3461 are exhibited, have 2 what come from 65 countries in all, 412 ginseng exhibit business to come round to attend, its are Sino-Japanese this ginseng exhibited business to occupy 28 % , other 72 % all postpone business to come from abroad ginseng. Exhibit the house will visit negotiated number to reach nearly 100 thousand person during the meeting, among them the professional audience of 70% comes from company management layer.
Limits of item on display: Produce (fresh, refrigerant, dried food) , farming produce treatment to taste, cereal, animal produce (refrigerant, dried food) , fleshy treatment is tasted, dairy produce, aquatic product (fresh, refrigerant, dried food) , aquatic product treatment is tasted, already machined food, evaporate to cook bag food, non-staple food.
Beverage: Spirituosity beverage (Japanese wine, arrack, beer, bishop) tea of beverage, mineral water, coffee, black tea, Japan, and other tea kind.
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