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2009 enlighten do obeisance to thalassic international food to exhibit

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Exhibit meeting name: 2009 enlighten do obeisance to thalassic international food to exhibit run a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-2-23~2009-2-26 signs up end: 2008-11-30 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Enlighten do obeisance to an international exhibition center (Yuan Di does obeisance to world trade centre) approval unit: Sponsor an unit: DubaiworldTradeCentre(L.L.C) . Undertake unit: Shanghai case rich can exhibit service limited company support assist run an unit:
Exhibit Gulfood of meeting brief introduction only then achieve 1987, it is facilities of the provision with middle east and North Africa the largest area, hotel is exhibited. Regard middle east area as city of the 2nd big haven, the duty-free policy with liberal together with and free commerce economy, enlighten do obeisance to already made the commerce terminal market with transit Africa and circumjacent and thalassic the biggest country. Local produce resource is in short supply extremely, great majority is to count an import; 2007, enlighten the food trading business volume that do obeisance to was achieved 29.24 billion Dilamu, grew 23.2 % than 2006. Below powerful market demand, thalassic food is exhibited begin from 2007, two years from before, increase for a year, the demand that middle east market imports to food also but catch a glimpse of.
Line of business of world food, meal, service is excellent exhibit can food exhibits one of —— bay to will be in on Feburary 23, 2009 enlighten do obeisance to international conference to exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously, by a definite date 4 days. The hot occasion that thalassic food exhibits was witnessed enlighten the flying development that does obeisance to economy. Industry of the food of thalassic area, beverage is one of properties that global high speed develops, thalassic area has the food of nearly 90 % to rely on an entrance completely, together with this area income is tall, big to food demand, had made a mainer and mainer provision and beverage market, the tremendous progress space of course of study of local food meal brought infinite business chance for world food manufacturer. Last year no matter be to exhibit an area,exhibiting still can be to exhibit quotient quantity to went up to have substantially grow, amplitude achieves 22 % . Euramerican the food industry magnate of a lot of developed countries more and more value middle east this market, attend this second bay food to exhibit regard as garrison the optimal shortcut of market of middle east food.

All previous postpone meeting brief introduction:
Thalassic 2008 food is exhibited, enlighten 12 when do obeisance to trade centre big houses are all and open, nearly 3500 when come from 80 many countries postpone business, distributing to exhibit an area at 1-8 date house and Zabeel food and food burden, this waits for dimensions, in enlighten do obeisance to also belong to infrequent. The many entrances of the exhibition hall are in, all set 2 directives card, include composition of a picture of the knot that renovate a house and each house detail.
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