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Food of international of 16 Russia Moscow and burden will exhibit ★ in Feburary

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Exhibit meeting name: Food of international of 16 Russia Moscow and burden will exhibit ★ in Feburary 2009 run a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-2-9~2009-2-13 signs up end: 2009-1-5 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Muscovite EXPOCENTRE exhibits a center to approve an unit: Sponsor an unit: ZAOExpocentr exhibition company undertakes unit: Beijing happy event amounts to limited company of international business affairs to support assist run an unit:
Exhibit meeting brief introduction to exhibit brief introduction:
Food of “ Muscovite international exhibits ” to establish 1993, it is by Russia well-known ZAOExpocentr exhibition company is sponsorred, this exhibiting can be Russia and alone the provision with couplet body the biggest churchyard is exhibited, got the support of Russia country Ministry of Agriculture, because of its extensive international force, international was obtained to exhibit allied UFI attestation 1998.
Exhibit an area always 2008 to achieve 45, 000 square metre, mutual come from the whole world 2 of 65 countries, 110 ginseng postpone business, include Kazakstan Si Tan, dajikesitan, malaysia, slovak, wu Ci fastens Kesitan, france, germany, hungarian, italy, the country such as Poland and Spain all forms a delegation ginseng exhibit, exhibition time of 5 days was attracted 96, 000 audiences. Among them the ginseng of 88% postpones business satisfactory to exhibiting meeting result, express to want to attend continuously.
Market background
Current, 50% what the productivity of industry of burden of Russia home food is not worth national life demand, major provision burden, raw material relies on an entrance, and the quality of this kind of our country product and price already were approbated by Russia market place, year after year of trading business volume increases by degrees, especially vegetable protein, soja albumen, sweet the product such as vegetable of chrysanthemum candy, dehydrate gets Russia is broad the welcome of jobber. Through entering exhibition of burden of Russia international food this platform, will develop market of Russia food burden to our country enterprise, participate in international market competition to rise to urge action actively.
Russian federal is the country of democratic and federal legal system that is administrative system with the republic, also be former Russia area the biggest, population most, economy most develop join in republic. City has capital Moscow 8.6 million population, sanket city has 5 million population. The north of the eastpart part that Russia is located in European mainland and Asia, mid, domanial area is kilometer of 17.08 million square.
Policy needs inside the amplification that Russia executes at present federally, as the growth of GDP, the production inside Russia and consumptive demand also escalate. " fundamental direction " forecast, accompany the growth of the economy inside Russia in the near future, the entrance also will increase ceaselessly, this is the commerce between two countries, especially in just enlarged exit to create advantage.
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