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★ is thalassic 2009 (enlighten do obeisance to) exposition of equipment of food

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Exhibit meeting name: ★ is thalassic 2009 (enlighten do obeisance to) exposition of equipment of food, food, hotel facilities runs a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-2-23~2009-2-26 signs up end: 2009-1-20 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Enlighten do obeisance to airport international to exhibit a center to approve an unit: Sponsor an unit: DWTC undertakes unit: Beijing happy event amounts to limited company of international business affairs to support assist run an unit: Beijing happy event amounts to limited company of international business affairs
Exhibit meeting brief introduction to postpone meeting introduction:
Line of business of world food, meal, service is excellent exhibit can food exhibits one of —— bay to will be in on Feburary 23, 2009 enlighten do obeisance to international conference to exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously, by a definite date 4 days. The hot occasion that thalassic food exhibits was witnessed enlighten the flying development that does obeisance to economy. Industry of the food of thalassic area, beverage is one of properties that global high speed develops, thalassic area has the food of nearly 90 % to rely on an entrance completely, together with this area income is tall, big to food demand, had made a mainer and mainer provision and beverage market, the tremendous progress space of course of study of local food meal brought infinite business chance for world food manufacturer. Last year no matter be to exhibit an area,exhibiting still can be to exhibit quotient quantity to went up to have substantially grow, amplitude achieves 18 % . Euramerican the food industry magnate of a lot of developed countries more and more
Value middle east this market, attend this second bay food to exhibit regard as garrison the optimal shortcut of market of middle east food. Gulfood only then achieve 1987, it is the provision with the largest area of middle east North Africa and food equipment are exhibited, also be middle east the last few years will develop the rapiddest exhibit one of meetings.

Exhibit can review:
Previous term or session 2008 exhibit the meeting is mutual come from 500 many exhibit a group ginseng of many 1400 enterprise exhibits 50 countries and area, they come from the United States respectively, england, france, germany, hungarian, italy, spain, belgian, canada, australia, new Zealand, thailand, taiwan, egypt, iran. Exhibit an area 35000 much square metre, according to statistic, mutual come from Europe, America, bay 6 countries, imprint cling to, 70 many countries mix far east area the area is close the ginseng that register meets 15000 professional public figures. Exhibit meeting site to clinch a deal last 45 much U.S. dollors, increase than in former years 18% . Predict to was joined 2009 exhibit business to will increase 3 into, predict to clinch a deal the forehead can break through 5 billion U.S. dollor
The investigation of 2008:
The ginseng of 95% exhibits business to express to be in exhibit the goal that they achieved on the meeting;
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