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Russia international food will reach burden exhibition in Feburary 2009

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Exhibit meeting name: Russia international food and burden exhibition will run a country in Feburary 2009: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-2-9~2009-2-13 signs up end: 2009-1-1 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Russia - center of Muscovite international exhibition approves an unit: Sponsor an unit: ZAOExpocentr undertakes unit: ZAOExpocentr supports assist run an unit: Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
Postpone meeting brief introduction Russia international food will reach burden exhibition in Feburary 2009
Extend meeting time: In Feburary 2009 9-13 day
Exhibit meeting site: Russia - Muscovite international exhibits a center
Exhibit meeting content:
★ food finished product: Vegetables of fruit doing delicacy kind; Potted kind; The infant feeds category; Milk products; Quick frozen food kind; Aquatic product kind; Beverage kind; Smoke wine kind; Candy fruit; Produce kind; Biscuit, Peng Hua feeds category; Convenient food, grain is oily kind; Fleshy birds breeds kind; Green health food kind; Roast kind; Tea and local speciality category
★ food burden: Food former complementary makings and additive
★ food is mechanical: All sorts of machinery of fleshy food treatment, cold drink machinery, food kind the material of treatment machinery, food that pack, refrigerating equipment, store equipment, snack equipment, sale equipment, bar equipment
Exhibit can wonderful reviewing ” of exhibition of food of “ Muscovite world is sponsorred by the ZAOExpocentr with famous Russia, the Russia that Expocentr exhibition company undertakes and even hamster zone are the most massive, the most complete cooked wheaten food tastes industry distinguished gathering, from 1994 only then since achieving, held 15 already successfully, the 15th of 2008 is to be exhibited by the international food of support of your kind effort of Russia Ministry of Agriculture meeting, influence of its internationalization degree, world still is rising considerably.
2008, showpiece gross area is amounted to 75, 000 square metre, exhibit completely can exhibit an area to be as high as 44, 011 square metre, attracted come from world each district 2 of 59 countries and area, 111 exhibit business to attend a meeting ginseng exhibit. Among them organic food, green food, health food becomes this to exhibit the another new window of the meeting. So giant food industry regale, its will be the large stage that China exhibits a Trade Fair to show ego.
Market background is current, 50% what the productivity of industry of burden of Russia home food is not worth national life demand, major provision burden, raw material relies on an entrance, and the quality of this kind of our country product and price already were approbated by Russia market place, year after year of trading business volume increases by degrees, especially vegetable protein, soja albumen, sweet the product such as vegetable of chrysanthemum candy, dehydrate gets Russia is broad the welcome of jobber. Through entering exhibition of burden of Russia international food this platform, will develop market of Russia food burden to our country enterprise, participate in international market competition to rise to urge action actively.
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