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2009.FISPAL, fair of food of international of the 25th Brazil / China always act

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Exhibit meeting name: 2009.FISPAL— fair of food of international of the 25th Brazil / Chinese total representative runs a country: - - other country- - ginseng extend date: 2009-6-15~2009-6-18 signs up end: 2009-5-1 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Center of Trade Fair of —Norte of Brazilian emperor Paul approves an unit: FISPAL sponsors an unit: FISPAL undertakes unit: FISPAL supports assist run an unit: Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
Exhibit 2009.FISPAL— of meeting brief introduction fair of food of international of the 25th Brazil / China always acts as agent
Extend meeting time June 2009 15-18
Exhibit center of Trade Fair of —Norte of Paul of emperor of meeting site Brazil
Limits of item on display: Raw material of of all kinds food, food burden reachs condiment, meal, refrigerant food, green food, fruit and vegetable, beverage, the flesh kind, bean products and candied, beverage, potted oil of sweetmeats of kind of food that pack, dried fruit, candied, aquatic product, dairy produce, mug-up, edible, commissariat, organic food, biscuit, ice cream and chocolate are relevant technical equipment
To global market, FISPAL is vigor is exhibited abundantly meeting, it is organized to food industry and the agricultural production segment of whole Brazil and America area has far-reaching contribution. To client and company operator, FISPAL is innovation exhibit meeting, because it can offer ample opportunity to make communication increases between the company, the market that provides the field such as sale channel serves. In the meantime, produce the pulse of catenary through mastering international food, it can improve the communication way of the company constantly, strengthen the research of technology and market action respect. Buy the home to major for, FISPAL is a platform that is worth reliance.
From 1984, FISPAL held 23 already successfully, it is latin america provides professional food exclusively to exhibit most meeting. Should exhibit what can attract many 50 thousand visiting business that comes from home and sex of nearly 30 thousand multilateral border to see business 2006. FISPAL is cafeteria, bakery, bar, various snack interlinks inn, sweetmeats inn, the supermarket reachs convenience store, hospital, the school, hotel, clinic, healthy house reachs various beauty parlour, it is the communal orgnaization food drink resource that provides conformity even. What be worth to be carried most is, ginseng the scope that extends business to be able to use FISPAL to exhibit this, capture Brazil very well the market with this infinite business chance.
Economic actual strength of Brazil ranks Latin America first place. The Brazilian of more than 1/3 goes out everyday repast, the meal course of study because of this Brazil special develop, place has 12 million meal to serve an orgnaization near. In the meantime, the development of snack industry also has dominant place in Brazil. Brazilian consumption level already ranked the world now the 6th. Foreign trade circumstances appeared 2001 improve, annual exports fifty-eight billion two hundred and twenty-three million dollar, import fifty-five billion five hundred and eighty-one million dollar, trade surplus 2.64 billion dollar. After Brazil executes the market to open policy, especially since 90 time, every year all a large number of foreign capital are flowed into, absorb a foreign country to invest amount to discharge the 2nd in the developing country directly, be next to China. Introduce according to Brazilian supermarket association, in its subordinate have 18000 supermarkets, hold supermarket of Brazilian whole nation year 95% of sale. 85% what take the throughout the country through supermarket sale and wholesale food. 2001, sale of supermarket of Brazilian whole nation achieves Er of accept of 72.5 billion thunder, hold GDP percentage for 6.2% , reach 710743 people from personnel of course of study directly, supermarket amount achieves 69396, business area achieves 15.3 million square metre. Can see from afore-mentioned numbers, brazilian supermarket is a very important sale channel.
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