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Rum prepared in spring 2011 will be held in Chengdu

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The morning of December 3, 2011 Spring National rum prepared in Century City Pride Conference Centre. China Sugar Alcohol Group Chief Economist, Office of the National rum Miss He Jihong, Zhong-Lin Wang, vice mayor of Chengdu, Chengdu Expo Secretary Chen Lin attended the meeting chaired by Xing Chunlei, deputy director of the Office of the National presided over rum , rum from around the country liaison officers and representatives of the city of Chengdu Office will rum Coordination Group on the conduct of business leaders attended the meeting. Preparatory meeting, Vice Mayor of Chengdu Municipal Government Welcome Zhong-Lin Wang, Chen Lin on behalf of the Secretary of Chengdu, Chengdu Expo National Office for the Coordination of rum conference in spring 2011 introduced the preparatory work of the national rum. In preparation for the contractors work well this rum, Chengdu lead formed by the Expo Board, the contractor MICE Group executive team with the full use of administrative resources and flexibility to run the full system of rum. This event in strict accordance with the "unified exhibit, focused on trade" approach to implementation based on the relevant exhibition planning, exhibition arrangements, the article from the China wine advertising network and transaction order and other matters, a unified organization and management. This rum is only set Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center One Pavilion, sub-indoor exhibition hall, outdoor exhibition and conference center Plaza Pavilion. Hall 1 Hall for the wines and international spirits, Hall 2 of wine, international spirits Museum, Museum of imported food, the wine museum, Hall 3,4 and 5 for the hardcover Hall Museum, Museum of 6,7 Hall for food, Hall No. 8 for the condiments Hall, Hall 9 for the Food Machinery Museum. Square also set packaging exhibition and outdoor area. Finally, the organizers of China Sugar Alcohol Group Chief Economist, National Director of the Office Miss He Jihong rum made a sincere speech on the development of rum made ardent expectations. Rum is rum prepared an important part of organizational system is the most important exhibitions held before the formal work of the meeting. During the meeting this rum will be booths, advertising, and housing resource allocation work. The successful preparatory meeting held in rum, and combine with the spring 2011 shows the National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair officially started the investment work.
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