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E-commerce research center in China to data released in August, the food industry, sugar, wine distribution in e-commerce among the top ten, according to Analysys forecasts that by 2011, food and beverage industry B2B market will reach 237 million yuan, accounting for the overall size of the vertical B2B market to 11.4%. With the food industry B2B vertical depth, species classification by the "second-class vertical" bugle call is sounded by the food industry sub-categories out of the two portal has gradually matured, sugar, wine, beverages, agricultural products, etc. Sub-sectors have emerged in a more mature B2B portal. For example, the focus on China's rum rum industry B2B portal (http://www.cntjmh.cn), the overall use of the search and "cooperative" business model, e-commerce platform in the building industry search portal, saving a lot of technology and some operating costs, to focus more on the Web site operators. Established nearly two years, through the newly opened Beijing Dongdan Pearl City Chinese and foreign famous partnering, advertising revenue nearest 30 million. With the food industry vertical to the second level, some industries have even multiply to the third grade, fourth grade classification, such as the agricultural industry segments out of vegetables, while vegetables subdivided, has "multiplied" out of the Hunan radish network. Multiply out the second grade, third grade vertical B2B website, there are some excellent sites, such as rice in China portal, focusing on rice fields, the rice's health information brought to the user, in the recently held "2010 China Internet Venture Challenge ", the Chinese rice because of the unique areas of the portal has won the support of users, she won this week's" Most Popular Portal. " In the recently held "2010 China Internet Venture Challenge", there are more second-class, third class food industry vertical B2B website "stole the show." It is understood that the week's ranking in the competition, the food industry vertical sites occupy the top ten rankings for four seats. China Sugar & Wine Portal winning the "Best Portal this week," second place is China's frozen food portal, web portal of Chinese agricultural products ranked eighth in this week "Best popular portal" portal by the Chinese rice obtained, which shows the food industry vertical sites in the industry's influence.
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