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Let oil prices in China most people in rum as dolphins

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In house prices are still high fever when the prices of agricultural products hair growth by the soaring food prices and the tiger's mouth wide open, and some even complain: people bending beneath the heavy tiles, and now more and more heavy hand jobs! Edible oil rose more than 10% It is reported that Guangzhou Trust-Mart stores in the edible oil product prices since last week has made a new adjustment. Jinlong Yu, Lu Hua, Fortune and many other brands have different ranges of up to a maximum increase of 15%. Guangzhou Price Bureau released information indicating that, after Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangzhou City, edible oil prices rose significantly, including bulk wholesale prices rose an average of 12% -20%, small package edible oil retail prices of 10% -15%. Small packaged food Wholesale oil prices rose across the board, of which 5 liters Luhua peanut oil rose to 95 yuan by the 88, an increase of 8%. Guangzhou Price Bureau, said that despite the current wholesale price increases did not fully transfer to the retail market, but farmers markets, supermarkets and other terminal has started with the rising oil prices. Among them, the farmers market Arowana cooking oil from 55 Yuan rose to 59 yuan, or 7%. It was reported that prices of edible oil giant arowana program have been identified, its various products, price increases ranging from 4% -10%, which Arowana blend oil price increases of 10% second generation, individual Species such as soybean oil price increase rate may exceed 10%. Rising import prices of soybean is considered to be the largest oil prices push hands. In addition, the Guangzhou Price Bureau's analysis, since September, in October began, as the temperature decreased, oil demand Become strong, the domestic consumption of edible oil market into the traditional peak season, which is to promote one of the reasons oil prices. Involved in collective price-sugar foods Upstream agricultural prices affect the prices of downstream products is constantly apparent. Eggs, flour prices, sugar prices soaring, the lower reaches of instant noodles, candy recently have prices. It is understood that the wholesale price of sugar on the market compared to last year, up nearly 70%. Sugar prices from less than 3,000 yuan a ton two years ago, soared to 6,000 yuan a ton today, doubled. China Sugar Network Information display, Guangzhou on October 19 the price of sugar 6520 yuan / ton, up more than 18 130 yuan / ton, higher than last week 390 yuan / ton, last month rose 640 yuan / ton. The main sugar producing areas in Zhanjiang, 19 Price is 6350 yuan / ton, an increase of the previous week and 280 yuan / ton, last month more expensive 450 yuan / ton. The face of soaring sugar prices, the company recently issued a price adjustment in China Tangyeyanjiu notice requiring a variety of sugar prices, the full increase of 13%. As the cost of sugar in the candy accounted for nearly half, so recently the Candy brands have forced the price adjustment. This year, candy experienced two price adjustment, once in the last month, and once on the soaring price of sugar after the National Day, including many consumer brand names, such as rabbits , Alpine, Hsu Fu Chi and so on. Hsu Fu Chi candy wholesale price from 29 yuan / kg, up to 32 yuan / kg, the wholesale price of refined tastes gummy from 18 yuan / kg, up to 21 yuan / kg, and even multi-year price maintenance is not Alpine coffee toffee change also rose by 2 per kg yuan, 27 yuan per kilogram from the wholesale price rose to 29. The price of a box of Dove chocolates from 5 all the way in January rose to 470 yuan 430 yuan. Looking back, or about 5% of the ordinary candy, fine candy, or about 10%. In addition to candy, and sugar detached wedding cakes, biscuits such things are also facing price trend. Do not just stare at instant noodles "downsizing." Because the candy is not the necessities of life, reduce prices immediately lead to sales. In order to retain customers, Dove has launched the first new smaller size, 4.5 grams of a small packaging Dove, sales A price of 0.45, 6 grams than the original 0.2 yuan cheaper equipment. Alcoholic ex-factory price is high tide Frequent liquor prices, is not news, but as common sense. With the rice wine, the wine industry have joined the prices, alcohol prices picture of flowers blooming. And liquor terminal manufacturers fixed prices of different rice wine, grape wine manufacturers are simply to improve the ex-factory price. Gu Yue Long Shan released late Oct. 21 announcement said the decision from October 26, 2010 will increase by the company specialized from Brewed by Xianheng Group Co., Ltd. exclusive distribution equipment too carved altar wine product prices, price increases by about 12%; too carved a bottle of wine (including wine gift boxes) increased about 6%. Wine does not fall behind. Wine makers has quietly raised a number of ex-factory price of wine, or 10% to 50%. However, this share price surge not yet spread to the retail end markets, in supermarkets and other retail Market, most of the wines remain the original price. "Great Wall, Changyu and other domestic wine producers have recently been raised ex-factory price. Which is located in the original ex-factory price of about 40 yuan / bottle of Great Wall wine rose to 50 yuan / bottle, 50 have been sold for the price of 100 yuan, 70 Price rose 90 yuan to 20 yuan. "Wine distributor told reporters, Changyu several ex-factory price of wine has increased recently by 20 yuan. People had no choice but to keep stocks In an "up", many people like to catch a "price" before hoarding necessities of life, they give themselves a name called "store family." Some people even call themselves "dolphin (store)", that is massive stockpile. "Soon to be peanut oil prices, while no price adjustment quickly buy more." Rumors of price increases early in the week before, the reporter met a breath in the supermarket to 4 barrels of peanut oil put into the shopping cart lady. In a supermarket, white Some of the goods sold on the shelves of sugar, 4.2 yuan affordable 500g soft white sugar on the shelves loaded with a "Sorry, the goods N" word. According to Miss store sales, a lot of people come to shop purchases have increased , In particular, will buy more of their hearts "will rise" goods, like to catch a "price" before the store some goods. "Dolphins," Miss Zhang fun of his own turns up the price has been come up with the obsessive-compulsive disorder, because past experience taught her, as long as things can save to buy more spare all right. So from the oil, flour, candy, snacks , Drinks and other food to the wear, use and even cosmetics, towels, "As long as both get the store to become a massive stockpile." Several journalists interviewed customers are all complaining of food prices. "Now prices of everything that is not seen wages rise, more and more sad days! Other things also provincial and eat how to do? Is Hungry Belly? "The public Liu said the grandmother. Members of the public Ms Yang said the government to show possible ways to control high prices, or as soon as possible to increase subsidies to people's lives and solve livelihood problems. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Li Guoxiang Rural Development Institute, said prices of staple agricultural products and food prices are generally consistent with fluctuations, for example, from soybeans to oil, from corn to pork, the end product prices will not be appropriate Can be avoided. As food prices in the residents, especially low-income groups in the proportion of consumption structure of large, its prices would significantly increase the people's living expenses.
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