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Aloe Gan Gong borrows force to enter an international market

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Group of Xuzhou constant abundant and group of international of French lead horse (Hong Kong) limited company reached cooperative agreement a few days ago, both sides is collective and contributive establish aloe of Jiangsu constant abundant to shine line of business of be good at wine limited company, investment amount 300 million yuan of RMBs, constant abundant group accuses 51% . The Lu Hui of fist product “ that bilateral collaboration will be group of Xuzhou constant abundant is bright ” of series of be good at Gan Gong opens an international market to reach next enterprises to appear on the market in Hong Kong lay a foundation. Current, bilateral collaboration begins to enter materiality to run level.

To this collaboration with group of French lead horse, zhang Yuezhi of president of group of Xuzhou constant abundant is very excited, “ adopts this platform, the Lu Hui of our company the sale channel of lead horse of French of have the aid of of Gan Gong general, enter an international market. This to us take root Xuzhou, grow for the civilian battalion enterprise at home market, it is a fine the main chance that begins to participate in an international market to compete. ”

2003, constant abundant group passes the endless exploration that is as long as 7 years, the function that successful development goes to be made with ” of “100% Xian Luhui juice Lu Hui solves 100 accept Great Wall Gan Gong. After this, constant abundant group applied for Lu Hui to solve 100 accept to do claret, Lu Hui instantly the state that Chixia bead does claret is patent.

The hand holds patent product, zhang Yuezhi did not walk along “ to invent patent him —— to build factory —— to produce management —— to expand ceaselessly this Chang Lu of ” , after undertaking perfecting improvement to the product however, zhang Yuezhi found ” of Great Wall of the grain in “ of domestic bishop tycoon. Very fast, both sides reached cooperative intent, manufacture jointly Lu Hui does red series bishop. With in after grain Great Wall cooperates, 4 years short between a long time, the “ Lu Hui of group of Xuzhou constant abundant did bishop of red ” series to win the favorable response of the market quickly, last year sale of a year was to break through 100 million yuan to close greatly more.

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