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The rumor pretends liquor causes cancer

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On September 29 before dawn 3 when make, blessing cropland public security divides bureau China rich police station to receive city public security bureau alarm affection reports: The somebody on Internet some famous liquor brand contains spread the false information of the composition that cause cancer.

After receiving a reply, substation of blessing cropland public security leads height to take seriously, sectional assistance deletes superior of rapid ask for instructions about false information.

China Lai Sui's director organizes rich police station quickly alarm force is caught up with toward the crime scene to nod 503 some rooms investigate Bu Mou industrial district. After police reachs the spot, discovery is indoor live have 3 male one female, check via the platoon one is called Zhang Mou (male, shenzhen person, 32 years old, net name ” of “ big treasure) the man has experience case suspicion. The room that the policeman lives to Zhang Mou on the spot undertakes checking, a silver-colored pencil of sequestered Zhang Mou writes down this computer, subsequently China policeman of rich police station brings back Zhang Mou police station to undertake investigating.

Via checking piece of some jotter, the policeman discovers its are withholding many false information really in chatting record, zhang Mou is before the fact, admitted its ever got online very quickly the behavior such as dispersed and false information. Its are explained, he does not like others to drink particularly, especially liquor, because drink alcohol,its father is and cause death, stem from abhor the reason of liquor, chatting group in write the false message that sends some well-known trademark liquor to contain the part that cause cancer.

Acknowledge a mistake in view of Zhang Mou the mood is better, and did not cause social effect, police undertook to Zhang Mou admonitory education is handled, temporarily sequestered to its computer.

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