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Card of arrow of 23 billion dollar is bought case finish

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M&M’s, De Fu, green arrow, beneficial is amounted to and Swiss candy, the candy that these citizens often buy is about family. Data shows, the American candied tycoon that the home is incorporated by Ma and arrow card and comes will take next China the chewing gum of 39.1% and the chocolate market share of 12.8% .
Occupy Chinese chewing gum forehead of nearly 4 component

Ma week announces, the arrow card of 23 billion dollar is bought finish. Ma is household company of an United States, card of the arrow after buying is about to retreat city. Henceforth, arrow card will become Ma subsidiary, things of the chocolate with Ma, pet, food, beverage and nutrient health care taste business section joint operation. Ma can be not the whole world chocolate candy brand turns to arrow brand under one's name.

” of “ Ma arrow combines a message to send home, immediately leaves job inside great attention, carry capital market Ma arrow card candied “ of this one home in bursa of income of ” of one elder brother. Show according to the data of Euromonitor International of international survey orgnaization, arrow card, Ma was discharged respectively last year in Chinese chewing gum market of He Qiaoke force has rate first place, amount to 39.1% , 12.8% . A researcher is opposite this orgnaization yesterday our newspaper reporter expresses, ” of “ Ma arrow is combined should can take below 30 ~ the Chinese market share of 40% .

Ma or will borrow patulous market

“ closes to be able to not be market of Chinese whole candy to lift very big wave certainly, ” but this researcher expresses, arrow card advantage depends on a network enclothing, ma is sure to borrow patulous. This researcher says, the special place of chewing gum depends on scattered consumption, must occupational and various retail terminal, have huge investment to spreading money. According to introducing, arrow card enters Chinese head a few years to immerse oneself in construction high density to spend a network all the time, asperse capital of next a huge sum.

Through osmosis of 15 years, arrow card is in China cent sells a dot to amount to 2.2 million, so-called entered country the retail market of 80% , formed powerful deterrence force to the person of the same trade.

Yesterday, a controller that Xu Fu writes down expresses: “ their channel is very powerful, ma chocolate goes sell the high end in field channel, arrow card relies on arrow card chewing gum and children candy, one much is in traditional channel, cover a range wider. This public figure that ” Xu Fu remembers says to our newspaper, nowhere is absent “ competition, lv of our unified exam is better answer strategy. ”

The two companies after incorporating still can be managed independently

Yesterday, sheppard Mullin Richter&Hampton attorney office is in China senior counsel Zhang Xiaoyi expresses to our newspaper reporter, according to the antitrust law that implements recently, although be absent of Chinese churchyard buy trade, should achieve only newest come on stage to declare a standard centrally about operator, must declare.
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