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Strong card becomes level of ditty liquor state to draft an unit

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On September 25, " wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " reporter of engage by special arrangement standardizes technical committee brew to divide from countrywide food industry appoint meeting secretariat learns, strong card company already was passed discuss, become level of ditty liquor state to draft one of units.

Strong card company builds factory beginning to produce ditty alcohol from 1953, wine of meantime sortie health care becomes the lead company of industry of wine of Chinese health care, but in sanitarian wine business ceaseless development expands while, the production of ditty liquor and research also did not stop, the fund year after year that invests ditty liquor production and research and development instead rises.

Source of Liu of CTO of strong card company just says, this company invested 15 million yuan to build the technical center that had modernization 2000, replace all sorts of advanced technology facility ceaselessly. Current, value of all sorts of had advanced testing instrument more than yuan 500, all sorts of products are developed, the value that equipment tries in more than yuan 1000, have personnel of professional research and development 60 more than person, among them, master and personnel of advanced above title were occupied nearly 1/4, and with Wuhan university, China university of middle peasant course of study, the long-term cooperation of the college such as university of Hua Zhongke ability and place of scientific research courtyard concerns, undertake tackling key problem jointly to the task of difficulty of a few keys, build produce the skill that learns to grind to develop platform. Current, center of technology of strong card company is in liquor, make up business of wine, health food to go up, had the hardware platform that changes to achievement application from scientific research and project organization capacity. Annual technical research and development throws the 2% above that take sales revenue.

As we have learned, to promote strong card ditty the quality of liquor, the demand of better contented consumer, this company seductivelies dressed or made up technically greatly in what maintain former modes of life and relation to their environment wool shop, on discipline and Cao shop village use water of high grade spring, investment built 3 ditty wine nearly 200 million yuan to produce base, produce per year liquor of high grade ditty to amount to 25 thousand kiloliter. Current, strong card company produces per year former wine of ditty of solid state of 35 thousand kiloliter, it is manufacturer of country's biggest ditty liquor production. In November 2007, strong card company invests 300 million yuan again in Yang Xin village of big bridge of prefectural maple Lin Zhen builds liquor of the 4th ditty to produce base. 500 mus should be covered an area of after base building, ditty liquor year productivity adds 50 thousand kiloliter newly, will become country even the world's greatest ditty liquor produces base.
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