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A Er low this toffee by secret recall

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Beijing part supermarket receives the recall announcement of the supplier the day before yesterday, to low of 3 A Er this toffee grants to be worn below. Domestic Le Fu confirmed yesterday, each inn already A Er low this toffee already was worn below all fronts.
Uncommon Di Fanmei straps candy (China) limited company the day before yesterday already “ secret ” is northerly Beijing each supermarket, sell give out “ recall to make ” , requirement general low of Er of 3 A of this company this wear below the product, it is respectively: Low of Er of 33 grams A this taste of strawberry of sweet glutinous panocha, 40 grams and chocolate taste toffee. To next wearing the reason expresses only is be in charge of for consumer safety. Before this, a Er low this manufacturer: Uncommon Di Fanmei straps candy (China) limited company once emphasized, all products that produce in China did not use adulteration 3 get together the dairy produce raw material of cyanogen amine.

The coronal gives birth to garden group to announce the day before yesterday, current, the already entire troops under one's command that toffee of become known hare produces before September 18 is worn, new the toffee of become known hare that appear on the market and toffee of former become known hare are wrapping mount to be able to have distinction, stick eligible green label.

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