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Chinese grape fermented glutinous rice gives the world to taste

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The bishop of international of the 2nd Yantai that held a few days ago on the section, international grape and those of bishop organization chairman get · Hays expresses, chinese wine is very good, new character lets him confuse drunk. And the welcome of Luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee in Beijing Olympic Games also lifts Gan Gong of a cup of Great Wall on late banquet, highly praise “ tasted the flavour ” of the world in China.

100 old before, vinous of Chinese industrialized brew is prelusive pull open, be in China this deposit on civilized 5000 fertile soil, this one exotic gradually confide is aromatic. 2007, chinese bishop crop achieves 665 thousand tons, as the exploration that grows bishop culture from brew grape, chinese wine industry also is crossed went up a new height.

Sit embrace producing area advantage to promote quality

Boerduo, Italy holds France in the palm …… of valley of handkerchief of accept of California of Sikana, United States and these worlds are high quality bishop is born the our country the Western Regions that the ground is in gold region together is sanded the ground and coast of the eastpart part, sit support producing area dominant position, make gave the bishop such as Yantai, Sha Cheng, Ningxia to produce a division.

“ 7 minutes of raw material, ” of 3 minutes of craft, li Jiming of chief engineer of Inc. of brew of Zhang Yu grape says, helping advance somebody's career likewise below the condition, grape breed decided in the difference of the respect such as lubricious fragrance vinous wine is spent, acidity, balmy sex. The bishop of brew high quality, need chooses to be able to get used to the grape breed of local zoology condition most.

Introduce a fine variety the anguine Long Zhu at France, through seed selection, already became Yantai to produce the brew grape variety with particular area, also be current on international approbate extensively, the variety of grape of good make wine that him China breeds.

Afterwards founds after brand of ” of “ Great Wall, food group marchs in what high-end wine market builds is medium place of business of wine of grain gentleman top, early began in the beginning of build to recommend nursery stock of admirable engraft grape meticulously from France, Italy, Germany 1998, built an Asia at present grapery of the biggest grafting nursery stock; 2005 as joint-stock as company of nursery stock of French A Haiwei the professional company that establishs domestic head home to take off poisonous engraft nursery stock, choose the breed that suits Chinese mainland, have variety of grape of domestic and international good make wine now 207, strain 237, stock 31, make garden of China's biggest brew grape female parent. Additional, the company still developed brew grape raw material to produce software of administrative system platform independently, achieved the field digitlization administration of brew grapery, assured brew grapy character.
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