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Shuangyashan million yuan original rum company debt restructuring "change" debt

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Recently, the Legal Aid Center in Harbin City, the original rum Shuangyashan actively advocate the rights of company employees so that they become a debtor from the debt-laden with millions of creditors. In 1999, the original Shuangyashan Sugar & Liquor Company will lease office space and other liquor companies to Hong Yuan, an annual rent of 380,000 yuan (date not given), after the Hong Yuan liquor liquor company changed its name to the black land, raw sugar in 2010 wine company restructuring, the company bought from the black liquor land state-owned shares, agreed to the original rum old insurance company to pay service employees and pension insurance, medical insurance. After being laid off 52 employees, subsidies should be given to laid-off 339 million yuan, but has paid nothing, not all insurance benefits have been paid, and the original factory shops, real estate has lost completely. Black Land Corporation in 2007 from Huarong Asset Management Corporation to buy the original rum company 19 million yuan of bad assets, leading to the black land from the original rum into the company's creditors of the debtor. The original rum company owed the company more than 1,500 million black earth. Until 2009, many employees know the process of restructuring petition the whole truth, and repeatedly asked petitioners claim the land occupied by black-owned assets. The case was decided by the Mayor's office, legal aid center agents assigned Shuangyashan. After lawyers access to a large number of the original rum company restructured, renamed, credit transfer and other related files, and established litigation strategy, sued Shuangyashan Intermediate Court, the court, the Court now has 19 million credit assignment agreement revoked.
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