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Pulque < Tequila > :
Call “ Tejila again wine ” , it is Mexican special local product, the soul of the Mexico that be called. Tejila is a of Mexico small town, this wine gets a name with producing area. Tejila wine also is called sometimes firewater of “ maguey ” , because the raw material of this wine is very special,be, with century plant (Agave) for raw material. Century plant is the plant of a kind of cactus division, want to grow 12 years normally, maturity hind cuts next to brewery sending, be cut again two half hind bubble washs 24 hours. Next crush out juice comes, juice adds candy to send ferment ferment two days come two days in ark half, next via two distill, alcohol purity amounts to one 106proof of 104proof, , right now wine aroma is outstanding, taste fierce intense. Put oak bucket next old wine, old wine time is different, color and taste difference are very big, white person without old wine, silvery white keep in storage period most 3 years, store of golden yellow liquor at least 2 4 years one, fancy Tejila needs longer reserve period, the wine when bottle is spent want dilute to come one 100proof of 80proof. Tejila city < Tequila > one belt is the quality best good people that is Maguey maguey produce a division, and the pulque that also produces with this ground only, just allow the name with Tequila to sell; If other area place is made pulque calls Mezcal.
Tejila the taste fierce intense of wine, fragrance is very distinct. Tejila the country that wine is Mexico wine, mex has a special liking to this, drinking kind is very unique also, drink of commonly used Yu Jing. When drinking every time, mex pours some of sea salt end to come on total preexistence the back of hand suck. The chili doing that passes with adj/LIT wide be soiled next, lemon does assist wine, just be like oil is burned on fire, beautiful deeply character ……
Additional, wine often also regards Tejila as cocktail base wine, like Mexican sunrise (Tequila Sunrise) , Margaret (Margarite) love by broad consumer. Its name tastes have: Kaierfu (Cuervo) , matador (EI Toro) , all alone is checked (Sauza) , Ou Lei (O1e) , Maliyaxi (Mariachi) , Tejilaanqiao (Tequila Aneio) .

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