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Glacial wine

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Glacial wine (glacial bishop, the grape puts wine on the ice, ice Wine) is the special type bishop that late ferment wine is made and the glacial grape that uses specific climate condition to fall becomes juice via compressing, it is inchoate and emigrant Canada installs rude lake (or call North America area of 5 big lakes) German immigrant brews those who make a success the earliest, saying to return is " of German " special local product. Originate in the partial area of cold region of Europe and North America, among them the Niyajiala that how Canada saves generally (Niagara) peninsula and do not list bump the Ou Kanna pleasant that Colombia saves (the optimal producing area that Okanagan) lakefront is glacial wine. Because its make the uniqueness of craft,put wine on the ice, its nutrition value is very high. In the meantime, what reach condition of the craft that make as a result of production is slashing, make it becomes precious vinous one kind.
The brew that puts wine on the ice and normally difference of vinous brew key is in what Yu Yuan expects to collect the control that accepts environmental temperature to go up, glacial wine uses Chi Zhai method commonly. When thermal drop went to 10 degrees 0 times or 10 degrees the following when begin to pluck (by artificial) , picked must undertake in before dawn, end before the sun rises, at this moment grape glacial wine assumes position glacial bead almost, the glacial grape after plucking undertakes compressing extraction juice instantly, start next ferment etc a series of technology measure. Its brewing process must be finished entirely in icebound season. .
The country such as Canada, Germany wine kind association regulation, making the glacial wine that come out in the wine below this kind of circumstance only just is true glacial wine, the wine is ice that cannot say otherwise.
Put the history of wine on the ice to had had about 200 years. It is born at Germany or Austria, but tell very hard clear and specific it is which area, which wine place of business. Current, can the produces glacial wine the earliest time that textual research goes to was 1794, out Germany Fulanken (Franken) area. Another kind of view also calls ice wine traceable 1858 Lai mattress upland (Rheingau) the place of business of Schloss Johannisberg wine of the area. From mouth to mouth is returned to wear to put the fokelore that wine is born on the ice in a lot of wine place of businesses of Germany and Austria, a about 200 years ago deep autumn season, wine suzerain person goes out, fail to come back in time, the mature grape that is hanged in branch was missed normally picked time, be assaulted by the heavy snow of an arise suddenly. Manorial host is have to, the attempt uses the grape make wine that already was become to put on the ice by aspic, discover however wine the wine special flavor that give is unique, aromatic and unusual, discovered the wine that puts wine on the ice formulates a method from now on, and inheritance up to now.

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