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Snow Li wine

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Snow Li wine:
It ever was compared by Shakespeare " install the Spanish sunshine in bottle " , can be imagined it will bring us bright like Spanish sunshine delighted experience, if do not have magical Flor and all alone thunder,help a system however, snow Li wine will be bland white wine only.
How to amount to Lu Xiya place in Spanish south (Andalucia) , face the part of bay of at present blocking a bank, it is the birthplace of snow Li wine. Wine of brew snow Li basically is given priority to with Palomino grape, additionally two breed are Moscatel Grodo Blanco, and make rummy Pedro Ximenez, its rich natural candy is divided, make make the wine that give Hei Youchou sweet.
Special wine law: FLOR and all alone thunder pull SOLERA
Like Spain actually this is planted warm climate, wine is very easy because exorbitant and air temperature is addle, to prevent this defect, spaish thinks of an excellent method however: General wine ferments in oak bucket when, to prevent to become moldy, it is wine in full tub; Dan Xueli wine turns over its path to go however, wine peasant association leaves the space of 1/3 intentionally, let air of wine bring into contact with, and the white that generation forms one layer by natural microzyme spore is filmy, local is called blossom Flor. This Flor protects the wine next to avoid not only at oxidation, maintain its bright debauchery, and innovation goes much better mouthfeel and covet of fresh, intense, your person the biscuit aroma of 3 feet.
And Suo Lei of special age system ─ pulls SOLERA, those who make snow Li wine OK hold a new alcoholic drink concurrently at the same time is pure and fresh with wine full-bodied, this kind of method is a wine in mature process layer of bucket cent amount to piles up (stack number of plies every brewery is not quite same, little person only 3, can achieve 14) at most. The most rock-bottom wine bucket deposits the oldest wine, of stratosphere is the youngest wine. Every other period of time, brewery is met from the most rock-bottom the liquor bottle that takes out one part prepares to sell, take wine from inside the wine bucket of superstratum again, reductive of place of layer of obedient foreword filling you wine, for example: Take the 2nd filling ground floor, take three-layer to fill the 2nd …… . , can borrow wine to be so base wine, mediate with young wine, can let Xue Li carry lasting special flavor.

The 5 big classification of snow Li wine

The sort of snow Li wine is very much, it is respectively
1.Fino ─ is not sweet. Use Palomino to plant grape breed is made, show weak wheat yellow, contain delicate sweet piquancy. Wine precision is 15.5 degrees about.
2.Manzanilla ─ is not sweet. The holy road that originates in a seaside gets stuck (the Fino of Sanlucar) not rummy, because of the relation of salinity and damp, vinosity is more close together more meticulous.
3.Amontillado ─ slightly sweet. The wine that Fino matures further, show amber, contain the scent of similar almond. Alcohol degree is controlled 17 degrees.
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