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Cocktail antecedents (1) :
A day, after the banquet passes, all sorts of different alcoholic drink are left on banquet, 1 / is remained in some bosoms 4, 1 / is remained in some cups 2. Have the cook of a to clear the table, the alcoholic drink that all sorts of remaining 3, the wine in 5 cups closes together, one gustation compare however so the taste of all sorts of onefold wine good, in succession tasted a few mixture wine, it is such, a few times intended ground repeats later mix, its mix alcoholic drink, it is better to compare taste of simple wine of avery kind of really, later he drinks the wine that such matching to everybody, everybody is very tall to this kind of evaluation that cooperates wine, then this kind of mixture wine gave a name, shed get round, say according to manage this kind of wine should call “ cook wine ” , but call it however,became “ cocktail (Cocktails)” .
Cocktail substantival origin, still having a kind of view is to be during American great revolution, have girl of an Irish book, she not only will welcome revolutionary army with the chicken that bake, and still match wine to drink for them, because girl love is beautiful, happy event dress up, the alcoholic drink that distributes repeatedly should insert a beautiful chicken feather to decorate on goblet, when after American revolution is successful, the mixture wine that contains deck chicken feather rises with respect to fashionable, as a result of the cause of chicken feather of the mount on goblet, cocktail name is in American folk first spread leaves come.
About cocktail substantival origin, the view still has a lot of, and no matter it is cocktail,be in the United States was to give birth to a root really, cocktail Si makes the traditional wine of tipple, american is allocating cocktail respect, hold lead position all the time. But do not have wine of a kind of renown actor however list head of a list of names posted up. However American can use all sorts of renown actor wine, make up an even better than taste of all sorts of renown actor wine wine (at least him American thinks) come, have to say this is one kind is comforted on American feeling.
The last few years comes, each developed country, drink cocktail to already became a kind of modern common practice, cocktail lounge leaves in the family, also be a kind of common thing. Current new-style boarding house, set wine cling to ark and the mural ark design that put wine. In burning hot summer, if invite digital bosom friend, friend, the staff is excellent in, drink cocktail at the same time. Chat at the same time, also be a kind of fun. Be in Euramerican, when always opening domestic bender, male host is in wine cling to information desk, allocate wine for friends. This kind of course of action, behave the ceremony that entertains a guest enthusiasticly on one hand, on the other hand also of project oneself allocate wine technology. Show region of alive bound other, the circumstance that drinks cocktail also is increasing, our country holds cocktail party, entertainment each country is ambassadorial reach visit delegacy, come China foreign guest also is commonplace.
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