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Polish vodka:
The brew craft of polish vodka and Russia are similar, distinction is Polack is in brewing process only, join the tone sweet raw material such as fructification of a few careless grass, plant, polish vodka is so richer than Russia vodka body, richer lasting appeal, the name tastes have: Lan Niu (Blue Rison) , red shop sign of dimension pineapple tile 38? , (Wyborowa) , Weiboluowalan card 45? (Wyborowa) , Zhu Bo collect gets stuck (Zubrowka) .
The vodka of other country and area:
Outside dividing Russia and Poland, the produces vodka country with famouser other and area still have:
1. England
Gesake (Cossack) , husband Ladefate (Viadivat) , royalty vodka (Imperial) , Xierfuladuo (Silverad) .
2. Vodka of American treasure lion (Smirnoff) , Shamowa (Samovar) , Feishiman vodka (Fielshmann’s Royal) .
3. Finnish and Finnish inferior (Finlandia) .
4. France blocks Linsikaya (Karinskaya) , Fulaosikaya (Voloskaya) .
5. Canadian Xi Haowei is special (Silhowltte) .
Of vodka drinkable with the service:
Standard dosage is every guest 42 milliliter, use interest opening cup or wait upon with classic cup, can make the wine after wine of be eaten together with rice or bread or eat.
When pure drink, fully a cup of cold water, wait upon with normal temperature, fast drink (cheer) it is its main and drinkable means. Water does after a lot of people like iced, as if ice is dissolved in the mouth, change into the clear heat like a blaze then.
Vodka is made base wine comes modulation is cocktail, famouser have: Black Russia (Black Russian) , Luo silk is gotten (Screw Driver) , blood Marie (Bloody Mary) etc.

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